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Pedaling to turn over a new leaf


We went to pick up my recumbent exercise bike (it’s a semi-recumbent-alright already) the other day at a Delaware Wally World. Sean had it delivered there to save shipping. I got this awesome shot in the parking lot with the ‘heart’ cloud.


So my new acquisition is all assembled and I gave it a spin already! I think if I take it slow, I will benefit from it.

Brian took me to the supermarket up near Lancaster this afternoon where we’ve been getting wonderful sales after deciding to check it out there a few months back. We stopped first for a cache grab in an old cemetery. It was about 20 feet off telling us it was near a tree instead of the shrubs it was in. Among all the old, old stones was a beautiful one from a few years ago. It was a heart shape with a couple walking in the woods etched into it along with a photo of the couple. The man had passed away.

This is looking from the front  to the back.


the cache


I am enjoying my time at the preschool when I am there the one day a week.  The children are getting comfortable enough with me to give me little hugs or bumps. You know how 3-4 yrs olds act.  I try to bring them a little something each time I go. They got personalized paper bookmarks today thanks to a link I found on Pinterest.

Next week is the Philadelphia Flower Show. I ‘may’ go down with Brian on the train, but it all depends on how much I can walk. They provide plenty of chairs around the perimeter. It’s a British themed show too. I sure hope to go.

Just plugging along


Since last I updated, we have all had colds, Sean getting the worse of it. I missed work as I was just too achy to even try go. A week makes a big difference!

The three of us went out last night (Monday) which doesn’t happen often. Sean drove in the rental car. His car is ‘still’ in the shop as there is a suspension issue they are trying to get the insurance to check out. Sean is pretty sure he hit a curb as the jeep took out the entire left side of his car. We drove by the restoration place last night and Sean’s car was sitting outside. It’s been 3 weeks. The guy who did this had hardly anything happen to his vehicle-someone who made an illegal u-turn didn’t have to go through all this!

Anyway, we had a gift card for Bertucci’s and went to one near Wilmington, DE. Earlier in the day, here had just been a shooting just miles away at the courthouse-the gunman shot his estranged wife and another woman to death and the police got him. It was a custody issue and two lovely ladies were killed. Crazy!

We  also went through a 5 Below store which has cuter and cuter things each time I go there.

I mentioned that a geocaching friend had a hide near a British pub, so we went like 1/2 mile down the road. The cache was said to be decorated for the local Philly ice hockey team the Flyers-in orange and black. We looked at benches, near pipes, behind signs, etc. with no luck.  This was all in a dimly lit area. I think we didn’t look low enough! We may go back on Thursday for dinner as it’s a nice place to eat and we had eaten there before.  We headed down to a big ‘cement city’ shopping area and after sinking in mud, found a little camouflaged box (fake leaves glued to the top). We looked for one more and again we didn’t see the travel  mug holder. We shopped in Trader Joe’s for healthy goodies and came home.


Remembering President Lincoln on his birthday

When I got home I decided to look at the satellite for a number of geocaches along the route where we just were and wrote down info for 10 of them, one being south bound and the rest north.

I had some insurance issues with blood work I had done in November. Brian and I went over to the doctor yesterday to pick up blood work and ask why they haven’t submitted info to the insurance. Boy did they hustle! The office manager was very nice. Asked me if I was stressed out, yes I am! My blood pressure has been a little high lately. I know stress can make you feel a lot worse than you are!  My blood work wasn’t too bad. I do have a bit of a Vitamin D deficiency so I will be taking mega doses of it once a week for 3 months to get my numbers up. People are usually deficient in the winter, but I may have trouble  absorbing it. I sure hope it helps. Maybe my joints will feel better too!

Churches in my travels


Today before Brian and I hit the Dutch-way Grocery store, we looked for a few caches. It was in the 20s, but felt colder. Luckily, we found them in 5 minutes or less. The first place was off a parking lot of this lovely church in Cochranville, Pa. Some man was sitting in a delivery van almost parallel to the cache-wonder if he was a cacher too? When we got out, he left! Anyway, I narrowed my search to a tree trunk and there was the cache.


So we had a little time to kill, so we went down another country road and looked for a cache we tried to find at night a few months back. But then we were in the right area, but you just can’t find a fence ‘nano’ in the dark. Again, Brian spotted it with his eagle eyes.

Across the street was this lovely church in Parkesburg, PA. Love the bell!


I have a small set of other churches on Flickr.

So we went food shopping and were happy to get some good ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ items. I had run out of canned or frozen veggies. Last night I looked and all I could find were a few sweet potatoes which we had with our dinner.

I’ve been doing a little cross stitching at night. I finally finished a Christmas ornament and started one for another holiday coming up soon!

Cmasredwork12I have gotten a little rusty. I do have a nice floor lamp I bought to shine on the project (thanks Habitat for Humanity). Next I want to get to my paper crafts again!

We may be getting some snow tomorrow, up to 2 inches! Wow! ; )

Update-Sean’s car has been at a local restoration place for a few days now. The appraiser said it can be repaired and gave us a check. He didn’t count the steering issue. Sean got a loaner car in the meantime. So we are hoping the restoration place doesn’t want more than what’s on the check.

Mercury Retrograde Birthday


Mercury’s retrograde periods can cause our plans to go awry. However, this is an excellent time to reflect on the past. Intuition is high during these periods, and coincidences can be extraordinary. (Or things just start ‘happening’ for no reason…..)

I was telling people on Facebook how my day has had it’s ups and down.  A pal who is a psychic (it says spiritual as occupation) said it sounded like I was being affected by the Mercury retrograde which is occurring for the next several days.

I woke up not feeling well, so not sure if it was sinuses or a cold. I’ve been ‘deep’ cleaning a lot, so I’m thinking it’s the dust factor. I’m glad I digging deep, but it happens almost every time.

I had a few knocks on the door-good stuff was delivered!

First from my friend Angela from NY

So pretty and perfect for the autumn!

The Fed Ex came and these Peruvian Lilies were from my mom. I had sent her some and they lasted a long time.

Sean wanted to take me out to lunch and I had a voucher that would fit the bill. It was a British Tea Room over in Delaware.

We were a wee bit late and Sean was like deer in headlights. There were mostly women, but a few teenagers who ogled him like he was a teeny bopper singer. : )

We both had Christmas teas. I had like a coconut, vanilla and Sean had a chocolate mint.

I had to order the ‘High Tea’ as part of the voucher. I had an entire pot of tea plus this and a salad.

egg salad, chicken salad and cucumber tea sandwiches on the lower tier; Cherry scone and a sausage biscuit in the middle and dessert-mostly pumpkin enhanced. I shared many of these with Sean who had a salad, egg salad, pasta salad and fruit salad.

That cellphone would prove to be the first mercury retrograde of the day. More later.

He looks thrilled, doesn’t he?

Look, another guy Sean!

There were a few geocaches found. It’s fun with Sean. The first one was behind the shopping center where we had lunch. We went up a little hill near a ball field. There was a cement barrier. We saw it inside a log!

We got gas and there was one near the lamp post-ha ha.

We decided to go to Kmart. Brian needs new clothes now. I got him a shirt and jeans and a few other things. I had left my phone in the car to charge up and I went to look at it and it was completely dead.  I can usually get it to start up again. We had saved our tea and Sean had gotten a drink from Subway (for his dinner as he has class) and I had to hold the now lukewarm tea. Brian called twice on Sean’s phone and the second time he threw it at me and the tea went all over the mat (my car). It had a lid on it too. So I drove home with my feet up. It only got wet around the edge of the rug.

We went out to dinner as I had gotten a birthday pack with assorted, mostly restaurant coupons, so I picked ( a place down in Hockessin, DE. I ordered a Denver steak, medium well and it came almost black on the outside and mostly red on the outside. I complained and  I got my wine for free.

I came home and plugged my phone in and it started to reboot (I had even called T-Mobile and was told to get a new battery). I did order the battery anyway.

On top of all that I am just plain grouchy-I really tried not to be too.

I’m waiting for Sean to come home from class to have cake.

Got a call from my brother Ken and niece Tori, so that made me feel better.

It’s been an interesting day for sure!

Consumer power


Never be afraid to write or talk to someone about anything  that doesn’t seem right to you. I have abbreviated names for privacy.

From: D. C. (me of course)
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2012 9:33 PM
To: B. L.
Subject: Cleaning at your restaurant

I think you have a beautiful, inviting place and we have enjoyed our visits here for dinner.
Tonight I happen to be sitting with my husband in the middle section near the fireplace, but at the end near where the food is made. I saw a cloth that was used for cleaning off tables fall to the floor and the worker picked it up and used it to wipe off tables anyway. I don’t know if he folded it again, but to me he should have gotten a new cloth. You can never be too careful that way.
Thought you’d like to know,
Mrs. C from Avondale, PA
I DEFINITELY want to know! Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. I will make sure that never happens again.
I appreciate you taking your time to give us feedback.
B. L.
Also, when we got home from our furniture shopping trip, Brian saw that the store had a $50 off coupon. He filled out a form and got a coupon code. Whether it’s just for online shopping, I’m not sure, but we sent the code to the guy at the store. He had said earlier since we were buying a chair too he would cut us a deal, didn’t see that. Crossing fingers.

Retail therapy


It was time to get a new sofa and chair. The cushions are too flat on the bottom  and the back cushions got too lumpy.  My poor back gives me grief almost everytime I get out of it. The recliner doesn’t work right anymore. When I got up this morning, I saw an ad for a furniture place mixed in with the food store ads.  I had been admiring the sofas with the mixture of leather/pleather and fabric and the one featured was half the price of ‘R&F’. I asked Brian if we could go check it out and he agreed. I think we tried out 15 couches. Of course the ones with the recliners are nice, but we don’t have the room to have them open as we have a big coffee table which usually is home to the laptops. We did look at this first and sure enough, I went back to it. I figured if the back pillows got flat, I’d get some new pillow forms or make new pillows! The seat cushions are nice and firm. I love the Victorian look (I guess it’s close to that).

So then I said, let’s look at chairs. Brian went right to the recliners and we’ve had two now. I happen to see this:

It’s a pretty burgundy. Larry, our salesman, ran back up to the third floor to grab a pillow to see if it matched this-nice! It’s velour and hits your back in all the right spots.

The store was opened by Larry’s great grandfather in about 1902. It’s nice it’s been around so long! I know all the sales ploys-they show you the more expensive pieces, etc.  It’s funny I went back to the one in the ad! : )

We should get them in a few weeks-nice Christmas gift!

Smileys with Sean


It’s been a while since Sean an I went out to dinner. We had planned to go sneaker shopping first, but I mentioned The Olive Garden and he said yes. His night class had been cancelled as he thinks his professor’s wife was delivering their baby! : )

So we almost had the restaurant to ourselves and got the ‘endless’ pasta bowl special. He ordered two and brought most of the second serving home. I couldn’t finish the first one.

I mentioned there were a few geocaches right in the vicinity and he said, let’s go for it. With mapping being his planned occupation, I thought he’d be more interested, but he has a full plate right now. So we headed around the back of a Shop Rite. The cache was called ‘Taking Care of Business’ which is the store’s motto. His iPhone has an excellent GPS and it zoned in on a guard rail. I knew it was probably in the end where it curved and I saw it right away-it took him a bit longer.

Then we went to one that was off a turn on to a planned  entrance/road which abruptly ended and cement barriers were in place. I guess a planned shopping center never went in. We didn’t need it, I’ll take the farmland. So he is walking around and then finally he stops and says his GPS says ‘it’s here’. I look down and kick a stone or piece of asphalt out of the way, and there is the cammoed pill bottle. Ha ha! He is learning.

We hit Kohl’s for some awesome sales. I ‘saved’ more than I spent-really! Deep discounts on tops and summer stuff. I got some black FILA sneakers with an aqua trim. I have to toss the shape up ones. Also got brown leather shoes with top straps-I think Naturalizers. I suffer with my feet without proper footwear. These both are comfy. Sean got a few pairs of  sneakers for the same reason.

I feel good about tomorrow-it will be an earlier day than I am use to, but glad to have a job after 9 long months. I’ll let you know how it goes. And I may add photos to this post.