Seasonal help I bid you adieu


Today I went down to my mom’s house to spend some time with her and take her out to lunch. We went to the local mall and Carrabba’s wasn’t open for lunch! We had to eat somewhere else which was less than satisfactory. We decided to check out the sale stuff at Macy’s and they had such cute stuff for 75% off. I got some adorable mushrooms and gnomes. I will add some to my window display as it’s not just Christmas, it’s a winter themed one. My mom has that eye issue and broke a few of them at the store. Also got a few clothes for cheap. I mainly get my clothes when they are on sale at a deep discount and from Macy’s, Kohl’s, Boscov’s and Pee*bles….

…who I don’t work for anymore. I figured that when he only scheduled me for 9 hours this week and it’s been slow as molasses there. I hate to be bored. The last night I was there, I wiped down most of the shelving in the gift department, and let me tell you, it hadn’t been done for a while. I couldn’t tidy up another rack of clothes that night, so I did that.  I made some money, got awesome discounts that not only helped us, but my mom at Christmas. I walked in there tonight to check the schedule and I wasn’t on it. Then the manager came around the corner and said he was going to call me later. Yeah, right. Why didn’t he just tell me a few days ago? I said I understood and I was glad to get the experience and I sure learned about retail again.  So that’s that. Not sure if I’ll go back in November, depends on what I’ll be doing in November.

A little bit ago, I opened my email and there was a note from that stated a lady nearby was interested in  for babysitting. Only it’s 4 days a week, also toddlers. The mom has an at home business and needs someone there. I’m thinking 2-3 days and not all day as I have my own house to take care of. Plus I’m thinking kid germs.  But the money is good!  What to do?

And my art is calling out to me. I’ve only been a little crafty lately. A store up in the next town sells mostly mushroom related stuff and back in November the owner said she’d take a look at crafty stuff from me.  Lots of possibilities.

My poor back was starting to really complain-even driving to mom’s and back made it bother me. It was sure time to stop being on my feet hours on end.

So now I will be taking my Christmas stuff down and will clean like crazy. Working made me appreciate my home a lot more.

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  1. Such a shame you were let go from your job at Peebles but as you say, at least you got the experience in and will now be more comfortable if you go after another retail job. You could always try the babysitting job and see if you like it…personally it’s something I could never do again, I just don’t have the patience for it anymore! lol

    Glad you were able to spend some time with your mom. I was supposed to bring mine shopping a couple of days ago but it was so frigid that day, we cancelled. I’ll bring her this weekend instead. I’m just so relieved that she’s feeling much better these days, she’s now taking anti anxiety meds that seem to be working well and agreeing with her.

    Have fun taking down your Christmas stuff:-) xoxo

  2. Sorry to hear about the job, but the experience was pretty valuable and the discounts sounded great! Now you know if that is what you want to do or if you should move on to something else.

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