Wonderful finds


Here are some of the purchases I made yesterday. This ‘pop-up’ book was from the Metropolitan Museum of art and it was still in it’s plastic bag after 33 yrs!

Did I tell you I paid $1 for this reproduction from the late 1880s?

Pardon my knives, it has been folded up all those years. I think it was waiting for me. I have adored pop up books all my life.

Love the orchestra!

And this is a lovely book I purchased for $2

I have a few books based on Miss Holden, even a kit how to draw and do watercolor like she did. Haven’t tried to replicate her gorgeous work yet.

This is pretty neat. I’ll have to give you an example of  the meaning of a word sometime.

I got a number of children books at the HFH resale shop for a quarter each. The covers are pretty worn, but the inside illustrations are lovely.

Is that 1938?

Some of the above will probably be on my etsy shop. I’m getting my shops up and running soon.

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