Awesome vintage finds


I took some photos of my new stash from Friday. I am tickled with the framed photo trio and the big bag of vintage greeting cards! Good finds. I haven’t been feeling that great from being overly warm at night and I have been dragging during the day, so I enjoyed looking at these yesterday.

Here is sweet Irene:

I asked the Facebook gang if I should replace the mat as it’s just an ugly yellowed piece of paper. To have such a sweet photo shoot, the previous owner sure didn’t do this trio justice. Most said to replace it with a gray tone mat to go with the flow of the photos better. One artist said that your eye goes right to ugly yellowing paper. One said it gives it character. I may hold some of my pretty scrapbook papers to see. What do you think?

Then I found these interesting portraits, many from Lancaster, PA.

One had this stamp on the back-an old Ben Franklin. It’s damaged by maybe worth at least $5-more that a cent as it originally cost.

1930s McCall’s paper dolls (both sides of sleeve)

She’s so sweet

I found this little frog with the waterlily hat. He’s only about 2 inches high.

I’m still going through the bag of cards. Here’s a few I like so far:

and the inside….that name tickled me

And this one wasn’t even used:

Today I needed a change of scenery and we went to the Delaware Farmer’s market again. I was not thrilled with the produce today. Of course Friday produce will be better. I did go in a little ‘antique’ stall (mostly books and records-lps) but I had seen a little bisque bust similar to one my pal Carole has, but smaller. Last week it was marked $20, but they were going to lower it 5. This time around when I said could you do better the man said $12. I found her on eBay and she’s a Limoge look-alike and had a boy partner. She was about $35 on the site!

I told Brian we should have a stall like this and he went humph. : )

Geocaching on a whim and when you are tired don’t go hand in hand most times. We ‘almost’ looked for 4 today and only found 1. The one we found was at a train depot-one where you see scenic Delaware. Easy as pie. There was one in Pep Boys we couldn’t find as the GPS was bouncing between a guardrail and near the road-a busy road. One was a park and we didn’t feel like walking trails at 5:30 at night. We’ll have to go for a picnic sometime. The last one should have been easy, but my GPS went out and it involved some bushwacking. We went in the woods a bit, saw where someone had made a fire in there-close to a baseball field and the Police athletic building. No dice.

I thought this was interesting. At the place where I bought the bust, they had a 1939 NY World Fair book. The cover was almost off, but it had some great photos. They wanted $20 and I thought that was steep. When we got home, I asked my mom if someone in the family had been to that fair and she said she had! Will have to try and get the book cheaper for her next time.

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  1. Just catching up on your posts. I love all your vintage treasures. I remember how fun it used to be to get a bunch of something and then get home and sit down to go through it all. I miss my treasure hunting days.

    You and Brian sure have been getting out a lot lately. That’s good!

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