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Like a lead balloon


Week #2 of ‘I Recommend’ had no participates. I’m thinking Sunday isn’t a good day. Anyone have any suggestions? I thought it would be fun. You can share anything you like or have tried. A recipe, a car!, a book. Anything!! : )


Yesterday I decided to tackle some tidying up in the bedrooms. Since your bedrooms should be the ‘cleanest’ rooms in the house ‘ *cough, cough*! I used my trusty static duster (I already recommended it a few weeks back) and went to town. I even went through old make-up and tossed eye shadows and lipstick (since I mainly wear lip gloss now). I did this because I got an all new Ulta make-up kit (pink one for $19.95) as an early birthday gift ( the store is nice, but the women who work there are so snooty). I also cleaned out a basket I keep next to the bed for books. I had really stuck a ton of stuff in it. I ran across some baby photos of me and Sean-I do think it was actually from the hospital when Sean was born! What? So I’ll scan them to share. I remember mom bringing in my baby photos to show Bri and his parents and I must have stuck it in the basket. Shame on me! Oh, even the hospital bracelets were in the envelope.

Here’s some:
With my new little guy Sean

Bri tried to get the leaves up with the attachment for the mower, but they were so wet, they were sticking in the chute that leads to the containers. He said he cut a lot of them up. To me, leaves in any form kill the grass. I’ll have to see what he did. The front yard looks ok. I wanted to know if he had added any to the garden to add some goodies to the depleted soil and he said no. Ah the joys of a too big yard with too big trees.

I’m not going to get any bloodwork done until next year either. I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but then I wasn’t feeling good most of the time. I’ll tell you it has to be stress mainly. I have my mom saying weird stuff. I can’t beg for my brothers to bother with her. They can be asses if they chose to be-I think it’s awful. Letting a 78 yr old lady take trash down a 100 ft stone driveway twice a week! And that’s just one thing they don’t do. Aren’t guys suppose to take care of their moms? I told Sean he better dang make sure he does! ; ) I was reading a forwarded email from my uncle about how a lady who had had a double mastectomy and her faithful dog ‘Lucky’ had been sorrowing after her while she slept. Lucky brought all his most cherished possessions and put them on the lady. Lucky gave her a reason to get better. My mom needs a Lucky.


Anyone know a good gift for a second marriage? We aren’t really close to Bri’s cousin, but he invited us to the wedding. Since we missed his brother’s gala wedding a few years ago (because Bri’s dad, his uncle wouldn’t attend), we thought we’d go to this one since his dad isn’t well-so he has an excuse.

You expected something different?


I plan to save some of the campaign literature (but not the one I showed earlier) to commemorate this historic event. Being a collage artist who recycles, here’s what I came up with from one that was left on our door :

img_2823I had all that patriotic ribbon that I got from good ol’ Big Lots, so there you go!


Hoping to get a flu shot tomorrow. A local high school is hosting the county’s drive-so it’s free. You know what happens when people read ‘free’. I have a feeling it will be really crowded. Plus Bri needs to take his dad to the doctor again-maybe the last time. Bri’s aunt has been going over there for the last month, a few times a week and actually got him to let her get rid of some of Bri’s mom’s old clothes. His mom passed away 8/96! He did take newer clothes to a resale shop back then, but there were so many left to go through. I always figured he wanted to make sure the pockets were empty, if you get my drift. My mom had a hard time parting with my grandmom’s things, so I do understand it’s a letting go process.  I would have done the clothes if he wasn’t there. He tends to stand and watch while you work, etc. I can’t stand people doing that. Next Bri will have to get a dumpster and do the moldy/musty garage-ugh!

Name Game-come on play!


Only one person played so far… Thanks Caroleit made an excellent post for you on the 30th. Please go see!

It’s funny what you think about when you are either falling asleep or waking up. I thought of this a few days ago, in the a.m.

What you do:

Think of 5 celebrities who share your first, middle or last name with you (even nickname). Tell us who they are and if you have anything in common with them and/or what you admire about them. Also, find a photo of  your favorite same named celebrity to share with us!

I hope you play along and tag me if you do.

1. Diane Von Furstenberg-designer-I admire her style and styles! She was really popular in the 70s-80s, with her wrap dress being popular. In the last few months, I have seen her on Project Runway and in an American Express commercial. I like how she takes inspiration for her designs from nature.

2. Diane Sawyer-tv news woman-I like her smarts, her news stories and that she travels a lot. She was once a Junior Miss! I think knowledge is power too!

3. Diane Lane-So far she is the closest in age to me than the other Dianes. She’s been a great dramatic actress since she’s been a teen. She only has one child too.

4. Diane Keaton (favorite alert!)

Diane is  consistently wonderful in her acting roles. She has her own style and emulates it to this day. I remember loving ‘Annie Hall’ and her ‘La Dee Dahs’ with Woody Allen- but her clothes! I did wear a tie and vest a few times in the 70s because of Diane. I also am known to wear a few berets too.
5.Dian Fossey-zoologist-What she did to bring awareness to gorillas was amazing. She gave her life for them.

Honorable mentions:Dianne WiestDiane Kruger and Diahann Carroll!


From Oct. 22nd-

Got some stash in the mail today! I was so excited to get it, it took me forever to get around to opening it. When I sat down to admire it, the cat decided to take a nap on my lap!

Can you see why I was excited! Like an early birthday or Christmas present. I ordered from 1-2-3 Stitch and it arrived in less than a week. I wanted the 2008 JCS ornament issue, but got a few charts too. Enlarge to see what the smaller charts are. I rarely buy charts anymore, but I do collect The Prairie Schooler designs.


Ah, sweet technology


I was a bit nervous this morning, but I was home in one hour following my mammogram. They have a new digital machine, so it was faster (though still uncomfortable and you don’t have to hold your breath). I had a nice 50 something lady tech that was the spitting image of my grandmom Ruth’s sister Edna. Now what’s weird, I just had a dream about Aunt Edna within the last few days. (I had been looking at a lot of family photos lately too). She was in my living room plain as day, and I said to her ‘I thought you were deceased?’ She had plenty of breast issues in her long life. Maybe she was confirming to me that I would be fine. I got to see the images on the computer screen. I didn’t realize how much is going on in your breasts. The digital images are really crisp and clear. Crossing fingers.


They just said on the news that the suspended game last night was the first ever for a World Series. I doubt they will play tonight as it is still really lousy. We are still hoping for a win. I think it would be nice for a new generation of fans to see a championship. I loved it back in 1980 and still have an entire container of memorabilia from that Series plus an autographed photo of Tug McGraw.


I’m helping Sean edit some summaries for a Geography course that he was struggling with. This last article was a doozie and took me 2 hours to read and then to edit his paper. So far ‘we’ have gotten a ‘C’ ‘B-‘ and ‘C+’. Not bad for an Early Childhood Ed major who isn’t into such dry material. I did read in the last article that overtilling is bad for soil, which makes sense. They suggest planting a winter cover-like alfalfa (I guess) or just to poke the seeds in the ground without tilling it. As I had said in a previous post, our vegatable garden failed miserably this year. We need to do something if we want to continue to grow things. I like learning how to help the environment too!

Gadgets-I love gadgets


Zoey over at Perennial Passion said she found some really ‘rad’ kitchen gadgets lately. It’s true, I love gadgets and have an entire drawer of them!

I noticed my static duster (a larger household gadget) was looking old and worn and the handle, made out of plastic, had broken in several places, making it hard to shake out.  Today, Bri took me out to lunch and then to a store that he collects ads from for the paper. I hadn’t been in there in years and it was much bigger than I remember. They are a bit pricey, but when I saw that chartreuse duster with the telescopic handle, I knew I was bringing it home! The handle part is metal. I have already tried it out and it reaches the corners of most of my ceilings (the family room is higher as it was the garage at one time), and holds the dust like a trap! This was my consolation for Bri not taking me to the Delaware Home Show where I could have meet Nadia Geller from the Learning Channel. She was the only reason I would have gone.

I hope you can see that I placed the duster, that looks like a broom, under my Wicked Witches’ house sign. I do live on the west end of my road. ; )

Yesterday my mom and I were in a 5 Below store (everything is $5 and below as the name implies) and I saw this waist trimmer, thinking of Bri and me. I decided to try it on and it’s comfortable. I took that photo, hello girls! LOL I guess you are suppose to make it as tight as possible. My mom was commenting on my tummy the other day and how it needed squishing. Well it’s been out of control for almost 22 yrs (with the one exception when I lost some decent weight). I guess you are suppose to ‘exercise’ wearing this thing? My tummy muscles have been really weak lately, moving involuntary like an eye twitch when I sneeze. In my mind’s eye I keep seeing Sigourney Weaver in Alien. Also, Brooke Burke, one of the celebrities on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ wore some kind of contraption after she had her last baby and her tummy is flat as can be (it’s called ‘Taunt’, but what I linked to looks like a pricier version of what I bought). Hey, I think she’s going to win! I’m really hoping the fat gets pushed down to the butt region as it’s suppose to be better to have it there. In my dreams.

I’ve been tagged!


Sherry over at ‘If I could set myself free’ tagged me for this. I think I tell mostly about myself on my ‘Me’ page, so this may be hard.
# 1 These are the rules for this meme:
# 2  Link to the person who tagged you.
# 3 Post the rules on your blog.
# 4 Write six random things/unspectacular quirks about yourself.
# 5  Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
# 6 Let each person you have tagged know by leaving a comment on their blog.
# 7 Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

#1 All three of us, my husband, son and I had blonde hair when we were little. Bri had platinum blonde, Sean light blonde and me wheat blonde.

#2 I have my high school crush as a friend on Face Book. I’m sure he knows this, but I appreciate him accepting my invite. ; )

#3 Although I got ‘D’s in high school typing on those lovely manual typewriters, I can type great now thanks to using the computer keyboard since 1994.

#4 When we went to Orlando 3.5 yrs ago, I saw a tv guy heading for the outgoing flights (we had just landed) and I had a little conversation with him. If you are from Philly and watch Action News, you probably have heard of Don Polec. That is extremely brave for someone who use to be really shy.

#5 I met Brian at the wedding of my brother to his first cousin-like a soap opera! Everyone saw us chatting at MaryAnne’s mom’s house and almost clapped when Bri asked-do you want to go out sometime? My grandmom told him I was a ‘good cook’, like that would help. ; )

#6 My mom, older brother and I are the only left-handed people in 3 generations.

I tag: Carole, Jennifer, Lee, Barbara, Sharon and Tootie. Good luck ladies!

It’s a matter of fact


That our next president will be left-handed and be the 8th president to be a lefty (yeah for lefties)

Watched the town hall debate-McCain scribbled out a lot of smudged left handed notes while Obama didn’t-he drank a lot of water. Wonder what McCain was trying to remember? Not crazy about people who say ‘my friends’. What happened to ‘my fellow Americans’-is that not in fashion now? And McCain kinda sounded like he was selling snake oil.

Noticed more people wanted to pose for photos with Obama than McCain at the end.

Brian wondered what was wrong with Obama’s hair. I think he is getting gray patches and it looks like bald spots.

Obama reminds me of Kerry when he speaks, maybe not in a good way-that deliberate way about his voice. It is better than McCain’s-he sounds like a nice grandpa.

It sounded like the same arguments from the 1st debate, but they got to walk around and stare at the people in the audience.

Oh…later…James Taylor was on the Tonight Show and I took a photo off the new tv.  Pretty clear!

Just a wee bit lucky


On Wednesdays and Saturdays, we buy Powerball tickets, actually Brian does. We only spent about $3 each time and buying them in a way is suppose to help senior citizens. So Saturday night, we actually got the powerball-twice-little bells didn’t go off, but that’s $3! Yippie do dah! And we got one number in the line with the powerball-so that’s $4! Holy moley, what’s next? This got me thinking about if we actually won a large sum of money, would we spread the wealth around? I wonder if my siblings would give us any? I think it depends on how much it was-if it was millions and millions, then yes. : )

I’ve won a few things in my life-the neatest was $1k worth of gift certificates to the stores up in the next town. All you had to do was put your name in a number of businesses and I believe I was second place. I may have mentioned this in my blog a few years back. The lady who won  first may have gotten $1,500. We had our photo in the paper too! That was when Sean was an itty bitty guy. I think that’s the year I had gallbladder surgery when Sean was 9 months, so it was good to have something nice happen. The town never did that giveaway again. I’ve also won a cassette player for my car at my senior fair (back in 1976 or 1977) that got stolen soon after I got it. I’ve won a few online things like a Country Living hardback book and some blogger giveaways. Winning is fun!!

What would you do if you won a large sum of money? Would you help your family, keep it or give it away? ; )

I made some ATCs and a Skinny card yesterday to get my mind off Sean’s long trip back to school. Here’s one that made me crack up:

I had that Wicked Witch cut out and didn’t know how to use her. I figure love and flowers would make her melt. The fortune cookie verse said it all. I was in a Wizard of Oz swap, but have yet to get my goodie. My partner has/had to deal with the hurricane, so I understand.

Say cya later


Sean’s about to leave. I think it’s too much driving for not even two days, but he seemed to need a change of scenery. I also sat down at the table with him last night to go over an article for a  difficult class. He’s been having trouble writing summaries. So we went through it and he wrote down the important points. He has to answer a few questions about it in 200 words. I think that’s what’s throwing him-condensing what he’s written to that few words. Also, he’s to write 4 drafts of the paper before the final version and hand them all in. I think he’s changing too much around and it’s getting confusing to read. I suggested he write more than 200 and keep taking some away with each draft. I think the prof wants it to see if they understand what they are reading as the articles are filled with research. He hasn’t gotten very good grades so far, I hope I helped a bit. The photo above is at a luau party he attended with the Newman group he is in. His friend in the photo is from Seattle and chose to go to school at PSU.

The angel food cake I made which was gone in a day! Glad it’s lowfat!
First ever Angel food cake

Was so bummed I missed seeing my niece cheer at Sean’s high school yesterday. She cheers for the youth football league and we weren’t sure where she was until it dawned on Sean that they were called the Titans. He looked up the website and we found out too late it was at the high school. Plus Colleen had sent me email at 6:30 yesterday morning with the address. I am not on the computer before 9 am usually. I called her cellphone, and my niece answered and said ‘Hello Aunt Dianne’. I asked where she was and she was home already at 11:15. I thought she was cheering again at noon, but she said the older girls were. I promised to try and see her cheer again and even sent her a ‘I’m sorry’ e-card.

Ok, here’s something funny…Greg Kinnear, the actor, was on Conan O’Brien’s show Friday night. He said there was a new word coined for him because of a knitting blogger lady-The Yarn Harlot! She was at the airport last year and recognized him when they were in line waiting to board. So not to be too much ‘in his face’, she took a photo with her cellphone of him from a lower angle where he wouldn’t notice. The photo is only of his wife’s suitcase and part of his shorts, so you really can’t tell if it’s him or not! LOL On her blog, she coined the low photo angle as ‘kinnearing’. Now it’s like a new slang word and was posted in the NY Times. It makes sense because ‘near’ is in there.

Sean just left, so I’m collecting myself. I was fine until Bri gave him a hug before he left for his dad’s house. It should be getting easier for me. I’m blaming it on hormones!

Doggone it!


Yes, I’m quoting Governor Palin from the debate tonight. She seems like a genuine person who is a good speaker. I happen to be a big Biden fan, enough said.

Anyway-thanks for those who have answered my ‘top of the head’ questions (I promise there will be more). They are things I wonder about, especially the religion and politics one. That happens to drive me crazy personally with a spouse who always votes one way. I’d be an Independent if I could.

So, my little ma was in the outpatient pavilion at the hospital from 8:30 this morning until 3:45 this afternoon. Seems she had an air bubble in her eye and they had to wait for that to dissolve or something. I called at 11:15 and she hadn’t been in surgery. Called three more times and finally was able to pick her up at 3:45. She had a monster headache, but tea and a damp cloth helped and she even let out a little snore snort at one time. I went down to a favorite restaurant for takeout which she only nibbled on, so at least she has a nice meal in the frig for tomorrow. She only ate some bread and applesauce while I was there. I hope she doesn’t get floaters in that eye too.

So that was my day, full of stress and worry. Glad she’ll never have to have that kind of surgery again.

Yeah-Sean is coming home for the first time in a month tomorrow!