You expected something different?


I plan to save some of the campaign literature (but not the one I showed earlier) to commemorate this historic event. Being a collage artist who recycles, here’s what I came up with from one that was left on our door :

img_2823I had all that patriotic ribbon that I got from good ol’ Big Lots, so there you go!


Hoping to get a flu shot tomorrow. A local high school is hosting the county’s drive-so it’s free. You know what happens when people read ‘free’. I have a feeling it will be really crowded. Plus Bri needs to take his dad to the doctor again-maybe the last time. Bri’s aunt has been going over there for the last month, a few times a week and actually got him to let her get rid of some of Bri’s mom’s old clothes. His mom passed away 8/96! He did take newer clothes to a resale shop back then, but there were so many left to go through. I always figured he wanted to make sure the pockets were empty, if you get my drift. My mom had a hard time parting with my grandmom’s things, so I do understand it’s a letting go process.  I would have done the clothes if he wasn’t there. He tends to stand and watch while you work, etc. I can’t stand people doing that. Next Bri will have to get a dumpster and do the moldy/musty garage-ugh!

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