Doggone it!


Yes, I’m quoting Governor Palin from the debate tonight. She seems like a genuine person who is a good speaker. I happen to be a big Biden fan, enough said.

Anyway-thanks for those who have answered my ‘top of the head’ questions (I promise there will be more). They are things I wonder about, especially the religion and politics one. That happens to drive me crazy personally with a spouse who always votes one way. I’d be an Independent if I could.

So, my little ma was in the outpatient pavilion at the hospital from 8:30 this morning until 3:45 this afternoon. Seems she had an air bubble in her eye and they had to wait for that to dissolve or something. I called at 11:15 and she hadn’t been in surgery. Called three more times and finally was able to pick her up at 3:45. She had a monster headache, but tea and a damp cloth helped and she even let out a little snore snort at one time. I went down to a favorite restaurant for takeout which she only nibbled on, so at least she has a nice meal in the frig for tomorrow. She only ate some bread and applesauce while I was there. I hope she doesn’t get floaters in that eye too.

So that was my day, full of stress and worry. Glad she’ll never have to have that kind of surgery again.

Yeah-Sean is coming home for the first time in a month tomorrow!

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  1. I have whole new respect for Joe Biden after tonight. I must admit, I didn’t think much of him, but he really impressed me tonight. I thought he was very well spoken, to the point and very intelligent. It was also quite obvious to me that he was speaking from having lived it, and Sarah Palin was regurgitating what she had been trained to spit out. She did it well, but she came across as very insincere.

    Of course, I’m not in favor of an aw shucks Joe Sixpack type as vice president anyway.

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