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Happy Birthday JT


Couldn’t let the day go back without wishing my lifelong favorite singer a happy 63rd!

President Barack Obama presenting the National Medal of Arts to James for his outstanding achievements and support of the arts (along with 9 others). The medal was presented by the president in the East Room ceremony at the White House. Mrs. Michelle Obama was in attendance. The National Medal of Arts is a White House initiative managed by the National Endowment for the Arts. Each year, the NEA organizes and oversees the National Medal of Arts nomination process and notifies the artists of their selection to receive a medal, the nation’s highest honor for artistic excellence.
Jenn arriving at her party
I had a nice time at the bridal shower of Brian’s ‘2nd cousin’ (I guess), his first cousin Kathi’s daughter who graduated the year ahead of Sean from high school, though they are only 3 months apart. The day Jenn was born, Brian and I were taking the tour of the maternity ward. There was Kathi laying on a gurney all blissful from having her Jennifer. Hard to believe she’ll be a married woman at the end of May. I took some photos, but many are dark and I have to fix them. She loved the apron I bought her from (colors go with her dishes) and the glass beverage dispenser (two glass jars that hold 17 cups each). The ‘theme’ of the shower was suppose to be bbq or party. A few gave her some wine. I thought my gifts looked pretty to match the wedding colors.
Collins Cousin Bridal Shower gifts
Pretty bride and bridesmaid. Her sister is in white and her cousin is next to her sister.
Jenn and the bridal party
We had some yummy quiche, tea sandwiches and ambrosia. Kathi lives right down off our or road, yet we don’t see them that often and we are the same age. She works outside the home and I don’t.
Love Cake
Fireplace mantel in kitchen
Kathi loves to decorate her mantel and home.
Mike and Jenn got engaged in front of the ‘Love’ sculpture in Philadelphia, hence the “Love” cake.
Jenn in the apron I gave her
Jenn in the apron I gave her.
I’m waiting on Brian and Sean to come back from church.

Memoirs of a great evening with two legends


A collage of the memorabilia I saved from the Troubadour concert I went to a few weeks ago with my friend Lorin. The program, the ticket and the excellent review from the Philly Inquirer.
Having a rough week here. Brian is over at his dad’s spending the night. I had to get mad at him to make him see that an 87 yr old who just got out of the hospital needs someone there the first night (after 5 days). Bri’s dad was ‘diagnosed’ with Crohn’s Disease, yet given no special diet to follow. He is weak on his feet and could hardly get up the stairs. What’s going to happen tomorrow night and the next night? This may be a wake up call for both of them.
Here’s Sean and his Pop-pop last July…
Sean and Pop pop C.
I’m also depressed as the procedure I had seems not to have worked. They say after 3 months you should know and although I seemed to have skipped a month, I am almost like I was three months ago. I had the worst headache most of the day to go along with it. Bummer. I’m taking it one month at a time now.