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Still here


It seems the days are blending into one another as they get shorter. I’ve been trying to walk every other day at the park, though I did walk around the yard 4 times on Saturday. I noticed a few more people with the same idea yesterday as I parked after I had a brush with a curve-in my beloved Ina! I am so mad at myself for trying to back up 75 feet or so when a flatbed was in the way to the parking area where I really wanted to go. I forgot it curved at the end, and up I went and scraped the side of the tire. Brian was 5 minutes away getting ads and stopped to look and said it looked okay. I of course, checked out the front door first thing this morning and she was okay. I am not use to the car yet and certainly not backing up. I feel dumb, but at least no paint scrapes.
I am going to go outside and put fairies and gnomes away today as it’s going to be nice in the 70s. Just have to get going now.
And because I like to share photos, a nice store window in Cape May, NJ:

You can see my mom and Brian in the reflection on the right side. I don’t know who those other people are. ; )

Welcome Roamy to SE Pennsylvania-mushroomland!


Lots of Mushrooms too!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Roamy arrived from Canada, nodded his cap and disappeared out in my yard for the longest time. I knew exactly where he was-with the gnomes and fairies. This ‘special’ group resides in the town (outskirts) next to Kennett Square, ‘The Mushroom Capital of the World’ where there is a Mushroom festival every September-the 26th year is this year! There are lots of ‘magical’ mushrooms in our garden! Roamy is posing here on one.
Look at this interesting group!
Meeting my Penna. Gnome pals
A cool party gnome
Roamy in particularly liked this guy as he looked so ‘cool’ with his shades and cocktail. Said he loves Jimmy Buffet-no kidding! : )
Roamy knows I love gardening and he said he wants to be a florist-so he stopped and smelled the Sweet Bay Magnolia:
Roamy sniffing the Sweet Bay Magnolia
Checked out some petunias:
Roamy under the orange petunias
And wondered if he could take some of these viney things with him so he could pretend to be Jack in the Beanstalk:
Beans like Jack in the Beanstalk
He visited a girl and bunnies in the herb patch:
Statuary and Roamy
After his tour of our yard, he was swooped up and taken on a weekend trip to Baltimore, Maryland.
Here we go!
He had lots of fun and saw interesting sites:
First we took him to the 27th floor of Baltimore’s World Trade Center. He was a bit scared until Mr. C. showed him the wonderful Baltimore sites!
Looking at the Inner Harbor with Brian
He look bigger than the cars way below:
Roamy on the 27th floor
Roamy likes the orange form the Orioles
And look at the snazzy Oriole jersey and hat!
We here are big Phillies fans (just to let you know).
He saw the sign for the Flag house, but we didn’t go in as it was closed.
Roamy on the Flag House sign
We went to the Baltimore Aquarium but Roamy hide in my camera bag as he didn’t want to be fish food!
Roamy with Aquarium behind him
Our last stop was Ft. McHenry where the battle of 1814 to ward off the British inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner’ when he saw the flag still flying overhead. See the cannons behind him, there were lots of them!
Roamy at Fort McHenry
So Roamy would have been happy to stay here in PA with all my special pals:
Golden lady telling me about fairies
Even the inside ones!
Roamy inside
Always remember to…

Dreams are so important

Roamy will be moving on to Sherry next….

Tweet tweet


I’m curious like a kitty-that’s why I like them so much. I went over to ‘Twitter’ and signed up. It’s pretty interesting, especially to see what the celebs who are on there are saying. Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore (Ashton’s wife), Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Fallon have really been into Twitter, so I am following what they are saying. I have actors, cooks and comedians-and even the President and he is following me (should I be scared?) Anyway, I see I have some new followers and I will see if I want to keep them. Of course if anyone in blogland twitters, I’ll follow you. ; )
Not much new since our busy day of yard work yesterday. Brian had a tick on him, a larger one that he’s glad he felt crawling in his head-ugh!
Sean has a virus or something-started with a headache yesterday and he’s a bit feverish, though feels better. He’s gone to college up there for almost two years and this is the first time he’s been ‘blah’ sick. He may go to the infirmary tomorrow, but if it’s a virus, it will have to work it’s course. He went to church last night and to the store today, so he’s getting around.
We’re expecting lots more rain, so I will have to make a nice dinner since I wimped out and went to KFC tonight for their new grilled chicken. It was a bit dry this time around, but their food is definitely better.
I’ll be getting my hair done on Tuesday instead of tomorrow. Hope to get to Trader Joe’s that day too.

One final day of campaigning


Thank goodness.  We are so sick of ‘robocalls’, people knocking on our door, and the endless stream of campaign commercials. So very sick of it all. The person I was behind isn’t in the running, so I have to go with who I think is second best. I won’t be going to the polls after dinner tomorrow, as I’m not in the mood to stand in a long line. I’m going to try around 2 pm when people are at work. Bri said he isn’t going to wait forever, so that may be a wise thing for me to do.

I learned not to start up memes without some advertising. I have one friend who said she’ll do it next week (thanks Carole) and she has a huge following of bloggers. I think it will be fun to recommend books, movies, food, restaurants, etc. I have an archive tab above if you want to play today or whenever. Just link your blog in Mister Linky.

I went with Bri to see his dad yesterday. He seems so much better, yet a little more feeble. He’s still feisty and wants things his way in his house. That’s how my Uncle Don is too (they are the same age). I do think he should get someone in to clean a few times a month. Uncle Don at least has that and through an agency it isn’t that pricey. We got Bri’s dad a Boston Market dinner and then left to stop in our favorite big book store and go to Carrabba’s for dinner. They must have given me enough pasta for 3 people! I have some grilled chicken and pasta for lunch today!

Waiting on the mamm report. This time last year I heard about this many days later that I had to come back. I hope I just get something in the mail.

Update~ My mamm report came in the mail today and it was normal! Thank goodness. I hope this encourages you all to get checked out.

I’m also going to a new GI doctor on Friday just to discuss things with him. He’s suppose to be one of the best on the main line (of Philly). I feel I have hormonal imbalance (age related?)and food allergies. I don’t know what they do-I’m thinking more blood tests or that allergy patch test. Crossing fingers it won’t be anything more complex. I want to feel more like my old self as I’m sure I’ll have to get a job one of these days to help out. Our heating oil monthly payment went from $144 to $236! Isn’t that terrible?

Have a good week ahead. I’m anxious to hear about how you all make out at the polls.

I have to add a video link to this hysterical Saturday Night skit about a self help ‘video’ about putting more fire in your marriage. It’s a bit risque, but we never laughed so hard in a while! I figure people my age will get a kick out of it.

Gadgets-I love gadgets


Zoey over at Perennial Passion said she found some really ‘rad’ kitchen gadgets lately. It’s true, I love gadgets and have an entire drawer of them!

I noticed my static duster (a larger household gadget) was looking old and worn and the handle, made out of plastic, had broken in several places, making it hard to shake out.  Today, Bri took me out to lunch and then to a store that he collects ads from for the paper. I hadn’t been in there in years and it was much bigger than I remember. They are a bit pricey, but when I saw that chartreuse duster with the telescopic handle, I knew I was bringing it home! The handle part is metal. I have already tried it out and it reaches the corners of most of my ceilings (the family room is higher as it was the garage at one time), and holds the dust like a trap! This was my consolation for Bri not taking me to the Delaware Home Show where I could have meet Nadia Geller from the Learning Channel. She was the only reason I would have gone.

I hope you can see that I placed the duster, that looks like a broom, under my Wicked Witches’ house sign. I do live on the west end of my road. ; )

Yesterday my mom and I were in a 5 Below store (everything is $5 and below as the name implies) and I saw this waist trimmer, thinking of Bri and me. I decided to try it on and it’s comfortable. I took that photo, hello girls! LOL I guess you are suppose to make it as tight as possible. My mom was commenting on my tummy the other day and how it needed squishing. Well it’s been out of control for almost 22 yrs (with the one exception when I lost some decent weight). I guess you are suppose to ‘exercise’ wearing this thing? My tummy muscles have been really weak lately, moving involuntary like an eye twitch when I sneeze. In my mind’s eye I keep seeing Sigourney Weaver in Alien. Also, Brooke Burke, one of the celebrities on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ wore some kind of contraption after she had her last baby and her tummy is flat as can be (it’s called ‘Taunt’, but what I linked to looks like a pricier version of what I bought). Hey, I think she’s going to win! I’m really hoping the fat gets pushed down to the butt region as it’s suppose to be better to have it there. In my dreams.

I’ve been Warholized!


Darn that Flickr-they have ‘toys’ too. I was up late playing with them too. I should take my friend An’s advice and try to go to bed sooner. ; )

Do you like my Warhol look? Andy Warhol was from Pennsylvania too.

Warholized like a can of soup!
We are having pretty nice weather, still in the 80s here. Sean called and said he received his goodie box. I asked if he had tried the 7 layer bars and he said he hadn’t. Wonder if they were melted?