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Summer, please make up your mind!


It’s one of those weird, weird summers. First we had rain, rain and more rain! (Gee, all these multiples means I am making a point maybe?) So now it’s been the heat which has dried up the mucky yard, but the veggies have suffered. Weeds are everywhere!

A bright spot in my yard with 3 locations of these beauties:
Love the beauty and scent of the Starglazer lilies.
Dream on...

Star Gazer lilies look like they may be difficult to grown. I have two pots with the bulbs in them and they sit outside all winter. Actually one pot is about 6 years old and the other is new-both Star Gazers that look a bit different.  The first photo are ones in the ground. Their aroma really defines July to me (other than the smell of firecrackers!).

We were down at a park in Maryland yesterday. We had wanted to go to Ocean City, NJ, but didn’t get up soon enough. Elk Creek State Park will be my next post. And it will be an interesting one, I promise!

Now I will share some beautiful old buildings with you from near where we live. I am pretty happy with my Samsung cellphone’s photos. We have had their tv for a number of years and love it. The only thing that the phone does is to start to flip between screens if I overdo it with the photos. I am sure I’ve taken at least 300 photos since March.

Little Blue Church, Springfield, PAThis is The Blue Church (1832) in Springfield PA.

This building, which is now the oldest standing church building in Springfield, came to be known as “The Blue Church” because Lownes had constructed it of blue Pennsylvania limestone, which turned a shade of blue in wet weather.

This is in an area where there are shopping centers on both sides of the road, so a busy very modernized area here. I know a FB pal’s pal got married here.

Walden School, formerly Sandy Bank school-went here for K,2 and 3rd . Upper Providence, Pa.

This is Walden School in Upper Providence township, PA. It was called Sandy Bank school (1836) for many years. I went here for kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade. Kindergarten was in the basement. When our day was over, it turned into the lunch room.  I have many memories of using the red tablets that stained our teeth so we saw where we were missing in the brushing department. Also loved the seesaw and playground. Being able to draw Snoopy in 3rd  grade and having the other kids want me to draw for them. Listening to the teacher read Pippy Longstockings. Kids making fun of my speech impediment.  Having the teacher yell at me for sucking my hair (ugh). The coat closet, a room in itself and struggling with boots-the kind you had to pull up over your shoes. Awful.

St. Mary 's Chapel  where Brian was baptized.

St. Mary’s Chapel (1873), Exton, PA

This happen to be the little church my husband Brian was baptized in. His parents said he cried a lot as baby and having him in church didn’t make a difference. We were in the area for my MRI (I have another post about my back to do) and we stopped by a few places and this was one of them. This little chapel not only had a geocache behind it, it had an Entenmann’s outlet store next to it!

This is also off a very busy road near a mall.

Across the street:

The “King’s Highway” was originally laid out in 1690, as an east-west thoroughfare enabling people and goods to move from the Philadelphia area to Lancaster. In 1791 it became a toll road, known as “The Lancaster Turnpike.” Along this busy thoroughfare, James Bowen erected an elegant tavern known as “The Ship Inn”. Across the street from the Inn stood a fine, gray stone livery stable first built in 1793, where those lodging at the Ship Inn would house their horses.

The Ship inIn, said to be haunted...

This is said to be haunted!

And last but not least, The Kennett Inn, a few miles from where we live:
Kennett Inn, Kennett Square, Pa

The Kennett Inn, originally founded in 1835 was renovated in 1927 as “The Green Gate Tea Room “during the era of prohibition, then in 1976 the Inn was restored with great care to present a formal dining room and colonial tavern with hard wood floors, cherry tables which preserves its history with a friendly small town hospitality.

Churches in my travels


Today before Brian and I hit the Dutch-way Grocery store, we looked for a few caches. It was in the 20s, but felt colder. Luckily, we found them in 5 minutes or less. The first place was off a parking lot of this lovely church in Cochranville, Pa. Some man was sitting in a delivery van almost parallel to the cache-wonder if he was a cacher too? When we got out, he left! Anyway, I narrowed my search to a tree trunk and there was the cache.


So we had a little time to kill, so we went down another country road and looked for a cache we tried to find at night a few months back. But then we were in the right area, but you just can’t find a fence ‘nano’ in the dark. Again, Brian spotted it with his eagle eyes.

Across the street was this lovely church in Parkesburg, PA. Love the bell!


I have a small set of other churches on Flickr.

So we went food shopping and were happy to get some good ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ items. I had run out of canned or frozen veggies. Last night I looked and all I could find were a few sweet potatoes which we had with our dinner.

I’ve been doing a little cross stitching at night. I finally finished a Christmas ornament and started one for another holiday coming up soon!

Cmasredwork12I have gotten a little rusty. I do have a nice floor lamp I bought to shine on the project (thanks Habitat for Humanity). Next I want to get to my paper crafts again!

We may be getting some snow tomorrow, up to 2 inches! Wow! ; )

Update-Sean’s car has been at a local restoration place for a few days now. The appraiser said it can be repaired and gave us a check. He didn’t count the steering issue. Sean got a loaner car in the meantime. So we are hoping the restoration place doesn’t want more than what’s on the check.

I can see clearly…


…now that my eyes are undilated! It took a good 5+ hours for my ‘cat in the dark’ pupils to go back to normal. But I am happy to report that the new eye doctor didn’t think I needed new specs. She even had the stylus right at that office to measure the thickness of my corneas again. If you recall I had to go to another office for that with the specialist doc. The corneas are still thick which makes the pressure in my eyes seems higher than it is. The doctor was probably a bit younger than me, but I enjoyed chatting with her. I asked her about my mom and she says mom’s left eye will probably ‘take over’ for the right, but of course with driving, there is going to be something missing.
Brian and I went out to dinner tonight to Apple*bees. It was good, not as good as a few weeks ago and rather noisy. I just needed a break. All the lights on the way there were like stars from the dilation. Ugh. Have a little eyestrain right now.
Tomorrow Sean takes the test for the census job. He could probably work something out between doing that and working at Wally*World since it’s only PT.
I saw an article in Woman’s*World about making extra money and I followed a link to Cha* to be like a human search engine. People call or text in a question (or comment) and I’d be like the middle woman and screen the questions to see if they can be answered or passed on to the specialist (they have a previously asked questions data base and a section for jokes,etc). I viewed the training videos and took some quizzes (call me ‘Ms. 80%’). I just need to take the readiness test. You get one shot and that’s it. I didn’t feel like doing it last night (info overload) or today. I’d like to review some of the videos again since I was asking myself questions in my head and couldn’t figure out what to do-not good. It’s one of those places where you have to just use the site and get comfortable with it. The pay doesn’t look that great, but it does looks like it would be fun to see what kind of questions people ask. Of course they want to know crude things and they say you have to be discreet about what is moral and all. There are a few other places I will look at too. I needed a change, this may be it.
And how could I forget this awesome news-my friend Lorin is treating me to a ticket to see James Taylor and Carole King in June! She asked if I wanted to go! Of course yours truly fretted about it as Lorin can’t drive at night and I’ve never driven to the Wachovia*Center outside of Philly. Also, Lorin lives a distance from me. I wrote her a note of concern and she said her son would drive us! Woo! I said I could be waiting like 20 minutes from the center (that’s about how far a certain mall is). We’ll work it out. This will be the 5th time I will see JT (1979, 1982, 1997 and 2006). We are planning on making t-shirts (well she is as she’s an artist) and trying our darnedest to meet him! : ) What a treat it will be.

Doggone it!


Yes, I’m quoting Governor Palin from the debate tonight. She seems like a genuine person who is a good speaker. I happen to be a big Biden fan, enough said.

Anyway-thanks for those who have answered my ‘top of the head’ questions (I promise there will be more). They are things I wonder about, especially the religion and politics one. That happens to drive me crazy personally with a spouse who always votes one way. I’d be an Independent if I could.

So, my little ma was in the outpatient pavilion at the hospital from 8:30 this morning until 3:45 this afternoon. Seems she had an air bubble in her eye and they had to wait for that to dissolve or something. I called at 11:15 and she hadn’t been in surgery. Called three more times and finally was able to pick her up at 3:45. She had a monster headache, but tea and a damp cloth helped and she even let out a little snore snort at one time. I went down to a favorite restaurant for takeout which she only nibbled on, so at least she has a nice meal in the frig for tomorrow. She only ate some bread and applesauce while I was there. I hope she doesn’t get floaters in that eye too.

So that was my day, full of stress and worry. Glad she’ll never have to have that kind of surgery again.

Yeah-Sean is coming home for the first time in a month tomorrow!

Photo Hunt-Thirteen

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With Pope Benedict here for a visit, I picked out thirteen of my favorite cross necklaces. I get lots of necklaces for gifts as you can see! Since 13 is suppose to be unlucky, I picked these because they at least bring me comfort when going to the dentist or doctor or when I feel like wearing one. Speaking of the Pope, there was just a special mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral where my family and I got to go last summer.

And a board I made to hold most of my thin chained necklaces. It is padded with ‘T’ hooks at the top. So far it hasn’t fallen down.

Can it be?


There is a hint of spring in the air on this, the 6th day of February! It’s 66 degrees right now. That’s the only nice thing about the day so far as it’s been gloomy.

I finally packed up Sean’s Valentine Day goodies-had to use the box my tea kettle came in! Funny thing, everything fit in perfectly! While I was getting the box, I did a little power cleaning for an hour in the basement-ugh. I was also looking through my old papers in hopes that the autographed John Travolta photo would pop out! It didn’t. Darn. I did find some journals I wrote and will check them out to see if I’ve changed that much in 30 years! ~LOL~ And don’t worry, I had a dust mask on, but my eyes were suffering. Brian has a nice pile to add to the trash this week including my old biology papers! I can’t seem to part with the Early Childhood Education papers yet.

We are suppose to get some bad weather that effected the southern states overnight (tornadoes down there). Since it’s Ash Wednesday, I requested pizza. We decided to try to give up McDonalds and similar places for Lent, but figure Subway is ok. Bri mentioned pizza, and I said it was too much of a staple during this meatless Friday time. I don’t agree with that, but go along with it. My thing during Lent and throughout the year is doing things for those who are less fortunate.

Still working on the zebra cross stitch (which is a charity item) but had to rip out his butt section as I was making him too short! His body is white, off white, dark brown and medium brown and it’s easy to mess it up. His head wasn’t that bad to do. And to think I have his little brother next to him to stitch too!

It looks like we’re going to get rain sometime this evening.

Definitely cabin fever…


…and hormones. It truly stinks to be my age, I’ll tell you. My weekend is a waste as I’m not up to par from lack of sleep. That happens a lot and it’s not unusual for us older chicks. I’m trying to get crafting on my mind. There’s something that is on my Kirigami calendar that I want to make, but do you think I can find my stash of watercolor paper? Do you believe in praying to St. Anthony to help you find something?

Brian was telling Sean he’s going to miss him when he goes to State College. It’s something I don’t want to think about until a month or so before it actually happens. If he keeps it up for 8 months, he’ll drive us both crazy.

Got a goodie in the mail-a camera case for our new camera from an eBay seller (good price). It’s a Samsonite and really nice-everything fits but it’s a bit weighty. Now I can go ‘walk it off’, whatever it is, at Longwood Gardens and other places around here. I don’t mind going alone sometimes. I figure if I go enough, I’ll get to know people at the gardens.
Darn-I forgot all about Photo Hunt this week. I may surprise ya later after my nap.
Back to looking…or sleeping.

St Anthony

St. Anthony of Padua
Patron Saint of Lost Items

Dianne, Dianne look around.
Something’s lost and must be found.
I’m praying that you find what you’re looking for.

A new Pontiff


I’m a Catholic girl (have been since 1983), so I was interested in who was chosen to fill some pretty big shoes. When I was watching around noon, the tv guys couldn’t figure out if the smoke was white, but I could tell right away. It took awhile for Pope Benedict XVI to come out and I was surprised they had chosen such an old man. Even his brother is wondering about the new position for an almost 80 yr old. Brother said ‘Sometimes when you are approaching 80, you don’t feel like getting out of bed the next day’.
The new Pontiff seems very talented (piano, languages), but so conservative. We will never have a ‘fun’ Pope. They are so stuffy and are against everything that has to do with the modern world. I guess tradition lives in the Catholic church.

PJP2 and the rainbow


It was a pretty weird day yesterday waiting for ‘the magnet for humanity’ to succumb to his illness. The Pope was just looking out the window a few days before! This reminds me of the passing of my mother-in-law who died from a massive infection herself. The Wednesday before she died we were visiting her in the hospital and at 9:00 pm she said visiting hours were over so we better go. Two days later she passed on and we never saw her again. She did get to say that she loved my son, her only grandchild.
But of course we didn’t know the pontiff had passed on until after we finished watching ‘Finding Neverland’. I swear I had a tear roll down my eye around 3 o’clock.
Church was moving too. The guest priest choked up a few times and I swallowed hard myself. Brian felt a bit dizzy. My head hurt when I sang. It was a coincidence that the reading about Jesus coming back to show his disciples that he had risen from the dead and that he said ‘Peace be with you’ was the same opening sermon that the Pope read about 27 yrs ago. I’m sure it wasn’t planned as the Pope died around 2:45 our time and church was at 5.
We stopped by a Wawa to get some hoagies for dinner and there was a rainbow in the sky, the first we had seen for a long time. See how things connect?

Jesus was born on April 17th, 6 A.D.


I was watching ‘The Mummy Detective’ on TLC tonight- and the discussion was about the three magi who came from
the east to find the new king. First, the man who invented the calendar way back when, messed it up. We are five years off. He was going by the rein of the emperors and was off 4 yrs there. They he went from the year 1 B.C. to 1 A.D., he forgot the year ‘0’. We should have celebrated the millennium in 1995! So, then they figured Jesus was born in Aries, from the way the planets were aligned.
The star the kings saw was actually Jupiter the planet. The magi- or ‘kings’
were from Persia and there was an old one, a middle-aged one and a young one. A photo of their skulls was examined by Bob the host (they are in a church). There were drawings depicting that the kings were 3 different ages. And forget the ‘no room at the inn’, they didn’t exist back then. Jesus was born in a cellar type area where the families animals were kept.
December 25th was chosen as it was during the winter solstice, a quiet time on the Christian calendar. The three kings actually made it to see Jesus when he was about 8 months old on Dec. 19th, 6 A.D.