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Having fun with Instagram


I am feeling better today. I’ll take more days like this! I have been using the heating pad off and on and I do believe it’s loosening up that sore, stiff muscle (or two). Brian suggested it. He saved me by buying yogurt as the medicine was going to give me issues and it helped too.

Sean helped me get some Christmas things from the basement and I did the front bay window and we strung lights outside. I took a few photos with the phone app ‘Instagram’ tonight. It’s like a Polaroid-you get a square photo and can use different effects.

This is part of my front window display. I have 3 sweet Christmas dolls. We put white lights under ‘snow’ and put the girls in a gold sleigh with Ernest Elf and Snowy owl. Yes, the owls are even dominate for Christmas as I got two of them for my birthday. I’m not finished all the way with the window. There are also shots of the mantel here.


You can’t see the one Richard Simmons doll.


I have some glass jars this year on the mantel.  I need to get some candy for a few of them. The bright red lights are holly berries.


And a view from outside


Tomorrow Brian will take me to get my hair done as I am still a little nervous about using my right side to drive. I decided to skip the school too but the director said they are doing all Christmas activities on Wednesday.  I may swing by there to wish them Merry Christmas. The Bible study will resume on January 9th.

Tablescaping for Christmas-a post for Zoey


Last night I was invited to the Ladies’ tea at the church where I work. I was expecting tea sandwiches but we got delicious gourmet finger foods. And get this,  there were about 35 tables which were all decorated differently-so lovely for the holidays! One had Christmas cacti and crackers. Another had cranberries in pretty glass containers while another had angel wings on the back of the chairs and the ladies wore halos (kind of glad I didn’t sit at that one-lol) I picked these as my favorites.

I’ve never had duck confit before. It tasted like sausage.

Everything was tasty and rich.


This is where I sat-with the pastor’s wife and right next to the stage. I felt honored!


Deane decorated the table. I like the touch of holly between the trees. We all loved the glass mugs and they were from Walmart!




On the stage, next to one of the trees that looked like this:


We saw a skit about a man who was at the inn when Jesus was born, complaining about his room.

Then the chorus sang three songs.

Finally a young woman was a speaker who also teaches Bible study. She was saying that Christmas should really be a sad holiday as we know what happens to Jesus. And she mentioned how commercialized it is. But of course it’s a celebration of who was born to save us. : )

So I had a lovely time.

When I came home. Bri can’t seem to use my camera phone-it’s the same one that took the lovely photos above.


By the way, I had to go and do ‘maintenance’ on my garden cache. It was wet and rusty from jingle bells someone had added. I had to replace the container, log book and everything inside. I also hide it in a different spot, under a patch of catnip! The bush it was under had lost all it’s leaves.

Then we went along a busy road and found 6 caches! One was hanging in a tree-a flashlight! You unscrewed it and a happy face popped out and the log was in the back of the top. Clever! Brian finds the nanos for me (tiny ones). We finally found the one down the road here (1/2 mile away) as we figured out it was in the guardrail. It was getting dark and Brian took the flashlight and retrieved the container!


The entry before me is dated June 3rd!

I had a full late afternoon and evening!

Hello there Christmas!


It sure is funny what you find on outings! I went with Brian when he deposited his check and we found a cute little store up in Kennett. They had healing kinds of things, and a mixture of art, jewelry and even a lending library of wellness books. I told Brian to go back up sometime and pick me out something. We then went looking for a new geocaches. The hardest part with these were finding places to park. The one we didn’t really try to find had cars zooming by-I just didn’t feel like having people watch me poke around, so we went to one I tried to find in June and I could see it under this big electrical box from the car!

I needed something at the Dollar General, but before we went in there, I hit the Habitat for Humanity resale store. The first thing I see is a sign that all Christmas items were 50% off! That included trees. So one really stood out-prelit with at least 400 lights and it had tinsel woven on the green branches. It was under $40 and I know this had to be over a $200 tree. We got the box and it looked new. I will have to load it up  with ornaments to cut back on the brightness. Right now I have both autumn stuff and the tree up. I’ve never had a tree up in November before! It took only a few minutes to get up too.


I have to mess with the branches a bit. I was trying out some holly up near the top there.

I’m really excited to decorate it. I have a lot of work to do to get it tidied up in the living room. I also received a big gift order and that box is in there too.

Finally some Christmas spirit! Not feeling great as my hip and back had dampened my enthusiasm. I did go to the physical therapist and she thinks my issue is the ‘gel’ between my back ligaments  that is all shifted to one side. I have to do a form of a push up several times a day, 10 times a session. That is killing my arms. I think it is helping a bit. My insurance won’t pay for the PT (it sure doesn’t pay for much, and has a rule about pre-existing conditions, which is crazy for people over 50).

I went back to the church on Wednesday and the kids were mostly good. I’ve worked here 2 months now! We had my middle brother and our mom here on his birthday that night and I made yummy vegetable lasagna for dinner.

The next day, Brian and I took Mr. Cosmo kitty to the vet for a check-up. He is a good weight for his age and is pretty healthy. But, she did take a peek at his teeth and said that a few looked like they needed to be extracted at $20-200 a tooth! He’s had a tartar issue all his life. I can’t see subjecting an old cat to anesthesia either. Signs he is having issues is eating really slow or chattering when he eats-he does neither, but I will watch him. I am still working on paying off my own dental bill. Geesh.

Sunday evening I was invited to a ladies’ tea at the church. Sounds nice!

And so it begins…


The next 5-6 weeks will be crazy busy won’t they? I guess it’s what you put into the holidays too. I haven’t had the best few months hoping my hip would improve like my right shoulder did all those years ago-that’s the thing, I’m much older now.

We are having new young ladies at our dinner table tomorrow night, Miss Mary and her little one 6.5 yr old Miss K. I don’t have her mom’s permission to use her name yet. I was busy getting the table ready and I made these desserts also:

The top is a Family Circle recipe simply called ‘Cranberry Tart’. It’s not all the simple-the bottom layer is a goat cheese and cranberry layer. They you cook up a bunch of cranberries and pour it on top. They called for cranberry juice, I used orange juice-didn’t want cranberry overload. And I was suppose to use a pie plate with a push out bottom. I did put a piece of  parchment paper in the bottom, so maybe I can still gingerly lift it out tomorrow.

The bottom is an unbaked pumpkin bread pudding loaded with eggs and cream-a Domino Sugar recipe. I have to make the sauce and it seems like a lot more of the above. I may make half the sauce which should be enough. It is baked and put in little ramekins now for tomorrow. Don’t you love when you can use things you have?

The other food will be turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, asparagus, corn and green beans.

I’ll probably add some more photos tomorrow.

I’ve done very little Christmas shopping. I plan to do a big order from a catalog I like and fill in the holes at my favorite stores like TJ Maxx, etc. I am pretty sure I am skipping holiday card sending this year as it’s so expensive. If you still are doing yours, please don’t feel offended if you don’t get one from us. It may just be this year. I may change my mind, but I have to see.

Happy Halloween 2012


Halloween owl and witch shoes, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It’s a cool, damp day here. We don’t get trick or treaters as we live on a busy road with no sidewalks.
It’s a rather low key holiday, though I enjoy decorating for it. Enjoy my ‘flashback’ post!

Sean as a Magician

Sean, age 2-a magician

Little Dorothy and the Halloween decorations

Tori, age 8. We both love The Wizard of Oz, or at least I think she still does.

Nephew then and now
Kenny age 3 trying on Sean’s last Halloween costume hat of a Titanic sailor and as a teen
Tinkerbell and Mom mom
My mom and 1.5 yr old Tori as Tinkerbelle
Sean as Dracula
Sean as Dracula (photoshopped)

Happy Easter 2012


We’re about to go out to dinner, but I  have Brian take my photo in my outfit and since my hair looked good! That’s a Viburnum bush in full bloom.

Sean got a few goodies from Trader Joe’s which he liked.

I hope you are having a lovely spring day!

Candid shots at dinner

(Buttonwood Grill, Lahaska, PA)

Mom and Sean at the restaurant

I forgot my Canon, so I had to use the phone camera. Mom and I had practically the same things to eat-Asparagus soup with feta cheese, a slice of ham and prime rib, mashed potatoes, grilled cold asparagus, fruit, a taste of a few more sides, cheesecake and mini chocolate covered cream puffs. Very good for under $30 each. This was a buffet, so we could east as much as we wanted.

I am like a food ‘coach’. First I say not to order a beverage, just go for water! Sean wanted soda and mom wanted ice tea have you noticed that beverages are $2-3 a glass now-wow, they are making a lot of money on them!) I tell the guys that most salad and pasta dishes are the cheapest things that you can order. While I was getting the Asparagus soup for mom and me, didn’t they both load up on a big wedge of iceberg lettuce (it had some fancy drizzle on it) and pasta! They did have salmon and pork tenderloin, that I didn’t sample. Brian said the salmon was yummy.

It was a little hike, about 63 miles one way, but we enjoyed the scenery up in Bucks County. Next month they are having a Strawberry Festival, so we can look in a few stores (of course most were closed).  Glad to include my mom.

Bunny invasion!


I decided it was time to dig through the oodles of Easter stuff I have and get some decorating (and cleaning done). I got about half way done in the living room before my back started to complain. It’s been annoying off and on since I worked at the store. So these are close-ups and taken with the phone. More to follow. I really need to do more tidying around the house. Did I mention my teeth/gums are still bothering me too? Poor Brian wanted to squeeze in the dental insurance before the 31st and had 6 fillings yesterday. I went with him and the dentist said it appeared that just my gums were inflamed and by the way, since you are here, let’s do a filling-oy. We were there 2 hours. Tomorrow I go to the GP to get a BP check and I should really mention my back, but we won’t have coverage after the 31st until we find some.

I just got the Easter Snowbabies in Maryland at an antique store