Happy St. Paddy’s day!


As many of you know, I got my DNA test done and Irish came in second! I am still wrapping my head around that one! So as a ‘newly’ found out Irish lass, I wish you a great green day! I’ll be adding the corned beef to the crock pot shortly!

Here I am in my green outfit I wore to Lancaster on a little trip with Sean. The flower is a vintage one from the shop in NYC. I need to make a proper clip out of it.

Which turned out to be probably my last shopping trip for a while, Sean and I went up to Lancaster and we stopped in Intercourse, PA at ‘The Old Candle Barn’. This was a display in one of the rooms which I fell in love with. I am going to try and replicate this a bit (heck I probably have most of the things in this photo, I bought the trio mini vase set but in clear-like $8).

Brian and I are going down to Maryland next weekend. Remember the trip we were suppose to take last November for my birthday? It’s all paid for and we had to use it by next month, so we are going. We get our breakfast, so will have to do a few meals. I am happy to take photos, I don’t have to go to town buying things. He is getting a pretty cool gift I bought last Saturday at Big Lots. I think he will enjoy it as it wasn’t expensive.

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  1. Well look at you in your Irish green finery…beautiful:-) I’ve got Irish in my ancestry as well but haven’t found out yet exactly who was the Irish one! I’m not sure what I’ll be cooking for dinner tonight, I hate corned beef and cabbage so it won’t be that! lol Happy St. Patrick’s Day:-) xoxo

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