Happy Halloween 2012


Halloween owl and witch shoes, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

It’s a cool, damp day here. We don’t get trick or treaters as we live on a busy road with no sidewalks.
It’s a rather low key holiday, though I enjoy decorating for it. Enjoy my ‘flashback’ post!

Sean as a Magician

Sean, age 2-a magician

Little Dorothy and the Halloween decorations

Tori, age 8. We both love The Wizard of Oz, or at least I think she still does.

Nephew then and now
Kenny age 3 trying on Sean’s last Halloween costume hat of a Titanic sailor and as a teen
Tinkerbell and Mom mom
My mom and 1.5 yr old Tori as Tinkerbelle
Sean as Dracula
Sean as Dracula (photoshopped)

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  1. Such a shame you don’t get any trick or treaters! We use to get close to 200 years ago but the last few years it’s dwindled down to about 60 to 100. Love the costumes on the kids throughout the years:-)

    It poured rain all morning but now it’s stopped so I’m hoping it doesn’t start up again until after the kids are done with their trick or treating!!

    The photoshopped pic of Sean as Dracula is awesome:-) xoxo

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