Photo Hunt Drop and Loud


Close up hummingbird fountain, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Catching up on a few hunts. I love how I caught the water drop(s) in action in this shot.

And a family tradition is to light up and smoke out the neighborhood on the 4th of July with noisy firecrackers. They whistle, pop and bang-so very loud!
Sean's fireworks


I heard back from the DNA testing place. They said the test is not for ancestry, that is a totally different test. My friend told me that DNA goes back 1,000 of years. Our ancestors all migrated from about 4 major continents if I’m not mistaken-Asia, Russia, Europe and Africa. My grandmom’s dad was probably born in Sweden or Denmark. That is very close to Russia, so I am sure the ancestors migrated and settled in Sweden. I was surprised to see Ireland as being second, but again-they could have started there and moved to England. I believe my maternal gr-grandmother’s heritage is Irish. I didn’t see a connection to South America, but there were a few from the Middle East and Africa-some small country and Eqypt. Sean said this peaks his interest in learning about ancestors and where they migrated. I think he was seeing maps in his head.

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  1. I love how you captured the drops as well in that first picture, beautiful! Great shot of the fireworks as well:-)

    Interesting to learn that there are different tests for DNA where ancestry is concerned. At least now you know and it certainly does make it interesting to learn that you do have some Russian DNA in you!! Makes you wish you could find out exactly how that came about all these years ago:-) It’s good that Sean is showing an interest in his ancestors, I think it’s so important. Too many young people these days don’t care. xoxo

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