Souvenirs of the trip


I had to be selective here….they had $50 t-shirts! Crazy! The one I did buy with the 4 ‘mop tops’ was a fraction of the cost, but it’s a little tight, but so was the Paul McCartney shirt I bought last year and it fits now. I bought bookmarks, a pen and the cute Yellow Submarine totebag. Also had to get the ‘Baby you can drive my car’ for the Cruiser. But actually no one is allowed to drive it-I kid you!  The styrofoam cup holder was free with a donation for a sick person. There was a ‘Peeps’ store and they were giving away the hat, so I’ll give that to Tori or her little cousin. I thought the memo pad was too cute-‘Give Peeps a Chance’ and it had that moving action to it. There’s a little box of cherry mints in that cute tin. I also got White House socks as I couldn’t find the ones I wore down there.







The gorgeous sheets of paper from ‘The Paper Source’ in Alexandria. Snip, snip, glue, collage!


From the Godiva store-worth every penny for these-eating in teenie, tiny pieces. : )


And the cake dish/cloche with the chip-you can kind of see it in the back. No credit for that store. Geez.

I’m gearing up for a yard sale on Saturday. I dragged a lot of stuff out of the basement and am still going to look for a few more things to sell-like for Halloween and Christmas. I have nothing really wiped down or tagged-soon! It’s been so rainy this week, I have had time to do this. Yesterday I went for a follow up to the eye doctor and she says my right eye is much better but still irritated, probably from allergies. I have my car at the station for inspection, hope they can do it and nothing is wrong.

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  1. Oh, a cupcake cloche—I have been wanting one of them. Too bad it has a chip, but you could put some sort of decoration around the bottom so nobody will see it.
    YUMO on that Godiva chocolate!
    A garage sale is so much work – I hope you make a lot of cold hard cash!

  2. The worst part of doing a yard sale is poking around the basement. So far the dust isn’t really bothering me-may be the dampness in the air.
    That’s a great idea, to put a doily or something in the bottom of the cloche!
    If I don’t do the yard sale Saturday, it may be Sunday or next Saturday. I’ve got too much stuff in the living room now!

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