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To Wilmington we go!


Sean and I saw that Friday, the 4th was the last day for the Greek Food Festival a stone’s throw away from here in Wilmington, DE. at the Greek Orthodox Church. It’s one of those events you hear and read about that are local and you never go. We decided we were in the mood for stuffed grape leaves and spinach pie, so we went! The ‘true’ festival was probably in the evening-you know with the music and dancing. When we got there it was mainly take-out, though inside the church they had a food line and tons of tables-all filled up. The tables outside in the blazing sun were almost empty. We decided to order and take it home. We got some samplers of all the Greek food and Sean got a big salad for his dinner at work. I really love the route down there (Route 52) with the scenery and quaint little towns you whiz through. The food was really tasty and different too. I think it’s worth the trip. But alas, no Baklava!
Sampler Greek Food
Mousaka-Eggplant and potato casserole, Spanakopita-spinach pie, Dolmades-stuff grapes leaves, meatballs and Tyropita-cheese filled pie.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Such a pretty location. I love church architecture.
Greenville, DE  Post office
V.P. Joe Biden’s ‘home’ post office in Greenville, DE-taken out the car window! I love the sky in this shot. I still toss my little Canon powershot in my purse and it’s about 6-7 yrs old.

Happy 28th Anniversary to my brother Dave and his wife Mary Anne. Brian and I happen to meet at their wedding, so it’s an anniversary for us too!

A change in the weather


We were enjoying the early summer like weather we had off and on until the dreaded wind decided to blow. And it blew and blew-for 3 days until it cooled it down here to 50s in the daytime and 30s and 40s at night. I held my breath in the morning when I checked what few annuals I had planted and a few looked shaky, but they seem to know it’s May and that this is just a fluke in the weather. On Saturday I was in the midst of changing out my winter to summer clothes (glad I saved a few sweaters and long pants)when I saw my patio umbrella take flight across the back yard. It was just given to us (not new) and I really like it. It was ok and I closed and tied it.
'New' umbrella
Sean had to work on Mother’s Day and Bri was feeling under the weather, so I made a yummy shrimp and roma tomato sauce for some bowtie pasta. Sean enjoyed it later. He picks out the best cards (as did his dad) and gave me a cute vase that I am using for my pencils and art supplies. Sean also took my mom and me out to dinner on Monday which was nice. I had to have terrible congestion all day into the night yesterday. I think the wind stirred up tons of pollen. Today was Bri’s terrible allergy day.
My brother is helping my mom get her bill paying in check after months of disagreements, etc. He sat down and found she wasn’t paying them at all. So now she will get them paid electronically and get an allowance. It’s a whole new world for her!
I couldn’t work outside again-I did only snip a few trees that seem to grown in my garden beds in the same exact place. I high tailed it back in as I never have a lack of anything to do here! Got my shoes changed out and most of the sweaters. It’s hard having a 50 yr old house with limited closets. I’m also going through cookbooks. Does anyone need any or have one on their wish list? Ask me and I’ll see if I have it! I am having fun trying recipes from my new Hungry Girl cookbook. Tonight we had chicken tenders dipped in a honey mustard egg mixture and then in crushed pretzels. Also made oven french fries. Both good!
We are having some cold rain fall now and tomorrow Sean is off and he may take me to Trader*Joes. May make an outing to Longwood*Gardens on Friday for their chocolate exhibit!

So far so good


Hey pals! I wanted to stop by and let you all know I am doing fine 11 hours after my end. ablation (actually had 3 things done). The only real drawback is that I was coughing through the entire procedure which made it last close to an hour (I didn’t know this, but I did see a few flashes of movement). I was very dry-hadn’t had a drink for 10 hours, they laid my head flat and put an oxygen mask on me. I had a coughing attack the night before, so it was irritated anyway. I was really hyper after they told me this and was glad when I got discharged. I am not having much discomfort at all where the procedure took place. What bothered me the most-get this-dry mouth and an irritated throat. And my knees too because I probably have arthritis in them. I tried to get comfy on the sofa, the chair and finally I used lots of Icy Hot on my knees and got in my jammies around 5 and slept for close to an hour-made the world of difference! I had only had a chicken sandwich all day. The first time I tried to eat it around 1:30, I could barely swallow a few bites. Bri watched over me well, maybe too well. He was worried about me. I asked him to go outside and start to pick up some of the fallen branches-we have tons-and he obliged. It was such a gorgeous day too. I did go out then and took a solo walk around the yard, but my throat was still funny. I thank goodness for my neti pot as it took away that ‘threads in the throat’ feeling I had (which is always on the right side, my favored side to sleep on too).

I’ve only had to take one pain pill-knock wood-an Advil. I have a prescription for Percocet, but pain pills generally make me feel sick. Crossing fingers that in the coming days I only need the Advil or Tylenol.

We had frozen pizzas and coconut shrimp that Bri mostly got ready, I can eat again! And let me tell you about the treat of the day….made right here in Philly-Zitner’s Coconut Krac eggs, my favorite Easter treat. You can order from that link! Bri finally found me some! He’d bring home another kind and I said, ‘not the krackle’.

Also hope to get outside even longer in the coming days!

Candy and Cookies


Something about being stuck inside makes you want to bake. It may be to pass the time or to even use up ingredients that are in the kitchen. My Facebook friend Angela said yesterday that she was baking chocolate chip cookies. I had bought bulk at BJs Wholesale so that was a perfect thing for me to do today:

This is a no fail chocolate chip cookie recipe that I just found! For years I used the butter Crisco recipe and they were good, but got hard after a week or so. If you want this recipe, let me know as it has only about 8 basic ingredients.
I was reading a December or January magazine and they said to crush up your candy canes and put them on top of melted white chocolate. So Big Lots had a bag of the chocolate for about $2.00 and that’s what I did last night. Very sweet, so a small piece will do once in a while:

I melted the chocolate in the microwave and spread it on lightly greased wax paper. Then I sprinkled the broken candy canes on it and popped the tray in the fridge. I broke it up with a knife when it firmed up again.The hardest part was taking the cellophane off the candy canes.
Sean went to work today at noon, so that spared him the early morning icy spots. He has to be in there tomorrow at 8:30-ugh! Then it seems his hours will be more part time-4 hours a day.
I still look out the windows and think of the deer. I am glad he didn’t have to trudge in this deep snow-well he wouldn’t have been able to. I haven’t seen a deer in days!
Off to eat some spaghetti-that should hit the spot. : )

Cookie Swap time


Thanks to Scrappy Jessi for hosting her 3rd annual cookie swap. My pal Jen over at Sweet Pea Stitches shared lots of cookie recipes with me last year and I tried a few. We really loved these, melt-in-the-mouth goodies. Jen said I could share, so here goes:
Sour Cream Drops

½ cup shortening (margarine)
1 ½ cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp vanilla
2 ¾ cup flour
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt

Mix together shortening, sugar and eggs. Stir in sour cream and vanilla. Sift together and stir in flour, baking soda, powder and salt. Chill at least one hour. Drop onto greased cookies sheets 2 inches apart. Bake at 425 for 8-10 minutes Makes: 5 dozen

Burnt Butter Icing

Melt 4 tbsp butter until golden brown. Blend in 1 cup sifted powdered sugar and ½ tsp vanilla. Stir in 1-2 tbsp hot water until icing spreads smoothly. Icing for 30 cookies.
Sour Cream Drops

Family time


Although Sean graduated from Penn State a few months ago, we had a pizza party celebration for him Sunday evening at Bert*ucci’s. He had almost his entire extended family except for one uncle. I’m sure many know who I am referring to. Be that as it may, he sat with his 4 cousins and had a swell time.

Sean and his ‘Pop-pop’ who doesn’t get out too much.
I have ‘camera flash’ phobia!
The grown up end, though Sean and his eldest cousin are 22 and 24! : )

A Booming 4th!


Looks like a gorgeous, though breezy day out today for Independence Day! I haven’t ventured out yet as I was making Italian pasta salad and Strawberry ice cream cone cupcakes for a picnic we were invited too. We haven’t been to a picnic in ages!
~~I want to wish my brother Dave a Happy Birthday!!!!~~~~
Here is a desktop I made a few years ago-we are using it now. Enjoy your day and evening!

Here’s the link to Flickr for the full size version.

Happy Mother’s Day


Couldn’t let the day go by without wishing the moms out there the best!
Here’s a photo of Sean and me. Earlier,we were over visiting my mom at my uncle’s (she was visiting him and I wanted to see her on Mother’s Day), so we ran over there. Afterward, on our way home to cook grilled chicken, Sean said why not eat someplace? We ended up at a place that we had a coupon for ($8 off appetizer or dessert). We had a big platter of nachos-really good for 69 cents! Sean and I had fajitas and Bri had fish and chips-all good!
Hope you had a pleasant Mother’s Day!

Easter recap


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! We had a wintry, chilly day, about 10 degrees below normal. We attended Mass and there were also two baptisms, which stretched it out a bit. We left before the little ones were given their yearly Easter eggs. Many parents still dress their little ones up for Easter-the girls especially with their frilly dresses and cute hats. My son dressed in jeans and boots and he was not alone.
I had to run to a convenience store to get milk and bread as the Giant was closed. Cooking the spiral cut ham was a breeze and I had pre-cooked the potatoes for potato salad and also had asparagus and green beans. My mom and brother Don (he hasn’t been here since Sean was in kindergarten!)arrived about 4:30 and we sat down at 5 to eat. Mom wanted to do the dessert, so she came with a store bought strawberry angel food cake with lots of whipped cream-like icing. Brian and Sean took dinner to Bri’s dad. My company left at 7:15 and I proofread Sean’s paper for 1.5 hours. I had a busy day which went well.

St. Paddy’s Day


Being married to a man with an Irish first and last name and naming our son Sean Matthew, you know we like to at least eat corned beef and cabbage today! Sean just called and didn’t even wear anything green today! Shame on him! I have this cutest green tam that I haven’t posed in yet-neither would the guys!


(Had to take my own photo!)


Missed posting yesterday as I had to go down to my hometown and drop my van off so my brother Ken, the mechanic could inspect it. There are a few things I asked him to check out. It’s 13 yrs old and I don’t trust other places with it. Sean’s car was just inspected down the road from here and he said it was giving him a little trouble starting. He tried it this morning and it turned over right away. He needs to make sure it’s fine as he is driving 3 hours to the Pittsburgh airport on Sunday to go to Las Vegas with his Geography group for a conference.

My sister-in-law did my hair yesterday and then I went to my mom’s. My second brother is getting ready to move in and he and my other brother’s family were cleaning out rooms over the weekend. They had quite a task and I wish my basement looked like mom’s-they did a good job. Of course she is complaining about not being able to find things that she hasn’t been interested in for years.

All that made me want to do a little dusting and straightening up tchotchkes here and I’ll work on doing more of that since I can’t go anywhere. I’ve had some muscle spasms in my tummy that have come and gone for years-not sure why it does that, but usually a Tylenol will calm it down. But it usually spasms around 6 in the morning, so I’m wondering if I’m just hungry? I looked it up and seems it may be associated with IBS. I remember it happening way back in 1997! The doctor was no help-I saw I posted about it back in 2006. I’m not in pain, it just moves by itself like a baby kicking-I call it alien gut. My one friend said it could be scar tissue from my 6″ long gallbladder scar rubbing on the muscles. Wonder if a tummy tuck would help? : )

I’m going to toss the corned beef in the pot shortly and add cabbage too! Have a great day.