Candy and Cookies


Something about being stuck inside makes you want to bake. It may be to pass the time or to even use up ingredients that are in the kitchen. My Facebook friend Angela said yesterday that she was baking chocolate chip cookies. I had bought bulk at BJs Wholesale so that was a perfect thing for me to do today:

This is a no fail chocolate chip cookie recipe that I just found! For years I used the butter Crisco recipe and they were good, but got hard after a week or so. If you want this recipe, let me know as it has only about 8 basic ingredients.
I was reading a December or January magazine and they said to crush up your candy canes and put them on top of melted white chocolate. So Big Lots had a bag of the chocolate for about $2.00 and that’s what I did last night. Very sweet, so a small piece will do once in a while:

I melted the chocolate in the microwave and spread it on lightly greased wax paper. Then I sprinkled the broken candy canes on it and popped the tray in the fridge. I broke it up with a knife when it firmed up again.The hardest part was taking the cellophane off the candy canes.
Sean went to work today at noon, so that spared him the early morning icy spots. He has to be in there tomorrow at 8:30-ugh! Then it seems his hours will be more part time-4 hours a day.
I still look out the windows and think of the deer. I am glad he didn’t have to trudge in this deep snow-well he wouldn’t have been able to. I haven’t seen a deer in days!
Off to eat some spaghetti-that should hit the spot. : )

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  1. Good morning Dianne:-)

    Just catching up with you and now you have me hungry for cookies and chocolate bark! lol Chocolate chip cookies were always my boys’ favourite when they were growing up and I still bake some whenever one of them comes home:-)

    I was so sorry to hear that the deer had been found dead:-( They are such beautiful animals, I can’t even imagine wanting to hunt one. Whoever shot the arrow at him should have found him, not let him get away wounded like that. Now you know how I feel about the stray kitties around here, you can’t help but feel worried about them.

    I can’t believe all the snow you guys got, wow! It’s usually us that has that kind of snow!! lol Would you believe we haven’t had a snowfall since before Christmas? The snow we do have is what was here then, it’s been too darn cold to snow I think! Not often we can see grass under the trees or a deck completely bare of snow…I could get used to that:-)

    Still having fun with the OHOW giveaways? hehe I’m almost done visiting them all, can you believe it!! I figure it’s just a once a year event so why not enjoy it to the fullest:-) It’s quite amazing the talent out there. Even if I don’t win anything, it was still a lot of fun visiting so many wonderful blogs!! xoxo

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