To Wilmington we go!


Sean and I saw that Friday, the 4th was the last day for the Greek Food Festival a stone’s throw away from here in Wilmington, DE. at the Greek Orthodox Church. It’s one of those events you hear and read about that are local and you never go. We decided we were in the mood for stuffed grape leaves and spinach pie, so we went! The ‘true’ festival was probably in the evening-you know with the music and dancing. When we got there it was mainly take-out, though inside the church they had a food line and tons of tables-all filled up. The tables outside in the blazing sun were almost empty. We decided to order and take it home. We got some samplers of all the Greek food and Sean got a big salad for his dinner at work. I really love the route down there (Route 52) with the scenery and quaint little towns you whiz through. The food was really tasty and different too. I think it’s worth the trip. But alas, no Baklava!
Sampler Greek Food
Mousaka-Eggplant and potato casserole, Spanakopita-spinach pie, Dolmades-stuff grapes leaves, meatballs and Tyropita-cheese filled pie.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Such a pretty location. I love church architecture.
Greenville, DE  Post office
V.P. Joe Biden’s ‘home’ post office in Greenville, DE-taken out the car window! I love the sky in this shot. I still toss my little Canon powershot in my purse and it’s about 6-7 yrs old.

Happy 28th Anniversary to my brother Dave and his wife Mary Anne. Brian and I happen to meet at their wedding, so it’s an anniversary for us too!

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