A change in the weather


We were enjoying the early summer like weather we had off and on until the dreaded wind decided to blow. And it blew and blew-for 3 days until it cooled it down here to 50s in the daytime and 30s and 40s at night. I held my breath in the morning when I checked what few annuals I had planted and a few looked shaky, but they seem to know it’s May and that this is just a fluke in the weather. On Saturday I was in the midst of changing out my winter to summer clothes (glad I saved a few sweaters and long pants)when I saw my patio umbrella take flight across the back yard. It was just given to us (not new) and I really like it. It was ok and I closed and tied it.
'New' umbrella
Sean had to work on Mother’s Day and Bri was feeling under the weather, so I made a yummy shrimp and roma tomato sauce for some bowtie pasta. Sean enjoyed it later. He picks out the best cards (as did his dad) and gave me a cute vase that I am using for my pencils and art supplies. Sean also took my mom and me out to dinner on Monday which was nice. I had to have terrible congestion all day into the night yesterday. I think the wind stirred up tons of pollen. Today was Bri’s terrible allergy day.
My brother is helping my mom get her bill paying in check after months of disagreements, etc. He sat down and found she wasn’t paying them at all. So now she will get them paid electronically and get an allowance. It’s a whole new world for her!
I couldn’t work outside again-I did only snip a few trees that seem to grown in my garden beds in the same exact place. I high tailed it back in as I never have a lack of anything to do here! Got my shoes changed out and most of the sweaters. It’s hard having a 50 yr old house with limited closets. I’m also going through cookbooks. Does anyone need any or have one on their wish list? Ask me and I’ll see if I have it! I am having fun trying recipes from my new Hungry Girl cookbook. Tonight we had chicken tenders dipped in a honey mustard egg mixture and then in crushed pretzels. Also made oven french fries. Both good!
We are having some cold rain fall now and tomorrow Sean is off and he may take me to Trader*Joes. May make an outing to Longwood*Gardens on Friday for their chocolate exhibit!

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  1. tenders coated with crushed pretzels does sound good. I had tenders last night myself. Mine had sweet/sour sauce on them.

    A chocolate exhibit sounds interesting. I am sure you will share pics with us so it will seem like we were with you.

    It’s still cold here – frost quite a few mornings. Last Sat. I was gone, but we got over three inches of snow. It all melted right away.

    Hope it warms up this weekend because I took 4 days off next week to get my deck flowers out for the season.

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