Crepe Myrtle and other things


Crepe Myrtle in full bloom, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I always enjoy seeing the Crepe Myrtle bloom this time of year. It covers up my garden window in the kitchen and Brian cuts it way back after it blooms. I did that with the butterfly bush last fall and it’s big as ever again, but not very healthy looking.
Here is the Moonflower about to open…it’s kinda foggy and mysterious looking:
Moonflower bud with fogged lens
I did take a photo when it was opened up pretty much, but didn’t upload it yet.
I potted up some baby coleus today and was in a dripping sweat after only 20 minutes!
Baby Coleus plants
I did this card a few days back. I have a book on France and wanted to use a map for the background:
Kick up your heels 4" x 4" Collage Card
I did a couple more collages today after dinner as I had some new stampers I wanted to try.

A former high school alumni opened a page on Facebook called ‘You grew up in Media, Pa if…’ and within a day there were over 200 of us reminsicing about the old days. You should start a page like that too!
Bloodwork tomorrow…I am protesting some of it as I never took the diruetic and he wanted to check to see if things were effected because of it. My poor mom was not allowed to have any more pain pills (she ran out) that she has been taking for over 8 years and she was going through withdrawal on Friday! I haven’t heard her that miserable since she had Shingles! I didn’t know what to do. Finally my brother called the emergency number in the evening and he went and got some for her the next morning. He gave me an earful for not going down, but I know that medicine is the only kind that will help. She’s had shots, physical therapy, etc. I mean come on, she’s almost 81, so let her be comfortable. And my brother making her clean the basement (lifting and leaning over too much), caused her to have to take more pills. The doctor said no more physical ‘labor’ like that.

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  1. Absolutely love your crepe myrtle, the blooms are so gorgeous! I’m also fascinated with that moonflower, the picture does indeed make it look mysterious:-)

    Your latest collage is beautiful….makes me want to say ooh la la! hehe

    Shame on your brother for making your mom do cleaning and lifting like that. No wonder she was in so much pain! As for your mom’s doctor not giving her any more pain meds after she’d taken them for 8 years, that’s horrible! He can’t just cut her off like that, not after that many years. My mom’s doctor tried doing that to her a few years ago with tranquilizers…mom said “I’ve been taking them for 25 years and if it means having quality of life at my age, then I’m going to continue taking them, no matter how addictive they are”! He never tried again to make her stop taking them! lol xoxo

  2. That crepe myrtle is beautiful!

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. Any doctor knows there can be very serious reactions when cutting someone off meds cold turkey. Something does not sound right.

    I have always loved moonflowers, but have never been able to grow them.

    That’s pretty cool about your high school alumni FB page.

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