Good move


I went to a new doctor today who was young with a MS and DO after her name which means she has a bit more training than an MD. She sat and talked with me over 30 minutes. I can’t remember the last time a doctor did that with me. I felt like she was really interested in my well being. As usual, my blood pressure was high the first time the nurse took it. At the end of our chat, she made me lay down and took my blood pressure again and it was 12 points lower. I had to get blood work, so went ahead and got that done in the next building. This was the same doctor who said Brian had pneumonia last week. I told her he still had a terrible cough and she said he could call and talk to her about getting a chest x-ray. Call her without an office visit? Wow, that is nice. I’d never hear that from the other office. And at the other office I put my foot down when the last doctor left me waiting in the exam room for 20-25 minutes or more, like my time isn’t important-this happened many times. So I am to continue the medication I’ve been taking a while now. I was happy to weigh my lowest on a doctor’s scale in a while, about 12 pounds since the last time.

I did better at work. It’s rainy and wasn’t crowded.  I was also on a register by myself. The only thing I had an issue with was when a lady wanted to pay her store bill with a debit card (sent her to another register after trying a few times). I did a return and several coupon orders. I think it’s sinking in! I got to leave 45 minutes early as it was so slow and I closed the register. The manager helped with the last few steps.

I may go see my mom, but my brother who lives with her has been sick and I hope the germ isn’t in the house. She’s been a bit depressed as her car needs repairing and she can’t drive. I should take her shopping a bit.

Here’s a gift tag I made for the Bookmark in the other post:
Christmas tag

Update-I added a few more Cross stitch items to the tab above. You will go directly to Paypal and check out and I will mail the item off to you the next day.

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