Reading is ‘fun’damental

Bookmark for Art n’ Soul, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

I was itchy to dig into my paper stuff and that’s what I did in the late afternoon yesterday. I needed a few hours of vegetating as I was achy all over. Not use to standing over 20 hours and so many days in a row. Some may call me a wimp, but I do have issues with my knees, etc.. I’m going to a new doctor on Tuesday to get a check up for the medication I take. That and to ask her if she thinks I have widespread arthritis or something. I blame Lyme Disease on that. When I am able to go to Longwood Gardens, it usually is a day I feel strong and able to walk. I thought for sure walking for up to a mile a few times a week for a month or so may help me be able to stand on my feet. I guess I was wrong. So now I’m looking for a child care position and did contact a lady I had a few weeks ago. I know I can surely do that as I would be ‘sitting’ and helping the kids with homework, etc. Crossing fingers.

So back to the bookmark! My group on Flickr is having a bookmark swap. It had to be shabby chic with a touch of lace. I found the little girl and she’s about to read a book, so perfect! The key is suppose to be her’s that she tied to her bookmark not to lose. : ) The background paper and ‘read’ stickers are Tim Holtz designs and I even shared them the bookmark with him on Facebook.

I may go to ‘the store’ to do some shopping as I have that discount and a 30% off coupon. Since they didn’t plan to keep me past the beginning of the year, I may just do some power shopping. : ) Please be good knees.

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  1. I am going to Longwood this week. I have had Lyme’s Disease too. I get achy at times and other days I am fine. I have found a baby aspirin in the AM, and then ginger tea, made from fresh ginger root zaps the achiness…I use about an inch of the ginger root, peel it, slice it, steep in boiling water with a touch of honey. Sometimes I add a bit of tumeric which is good for everything. :>) I steep it about five minutes. Then, here is the secret to a delicious taste, after I strain the ginger root out, I add about a half inch of fruit juice for flavor. My favorite addition is Cran-raspberry juice. Try it…it will help your achiness…ginger root is sold in the produce section of almost all grocers. Hey, you know, I think I am going to blog about this soon.

  2. What a shame you’re suffering so much from being on your feet while working, fingers crossed that you can get that babysitting job instead. People don’t realize how hard it is to work in retail, long hours standing. I see some of these girls with ridiculously high heels and wonder how they do it! lol

    Your bookmark is adorable. Now that most of my Christmas preparations are done, I’m hoping to have time to make a few Christmas ATCs:-) xoxo

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