Gimme Candy!


I had some fun finishing up some 4″ x 4″ collage cards and ATCs this evening. I love this little guy and knew he was good for a Halloween piece.
Friday the 13th 4" x 4 Collage card
Brian’s dad gave me an old 1992 rip off desk calendar and I have been having fun doing collages with it like the above bird background.
The Black Widow Collage Coaster
I bring home coasters from restaurants and ‘The Black Widow’ was the first collage I made. I was trying to make her greenish, but she still looks pale. I will probably put a ribbon for hanging her up.

Today was a rather tense day. Brian hadn’t talked to his day since late yesterday afternoon. We found the phone number of an old ‘original’ neighbor, but she was at work. The next thing we had to do was call the police. They sent a patrol car and he was fine, but his phones weren’t working. All day we tried to call, so 8 pm tonight, Brian went over. He looked at the cell, took the battery out and put it back in and it started working. This seems to happen all the time lately.


Broken Heart ATC

(made this ATC back in 2008)
I have a sticker book of the works of Michelangelo and this is Jeremiah who was the prophet with the ‘broken heart’. Thank goodness for google as that info made my card what it is!

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