Photo Hunt-Numerical


Wow! This was a tough one! I was thinking rows, puzzles and then figure pages in a book go by page number. The books here are wonderfully illustrated bound editions of St Nicholas magazines (I haven’t looked at them for a while, but I believe that’s what they were) from over 100 years ago. They aren’t just about Christmas either. The illustrations are mainly etchings. I had owned a previous version and mainly bought these to copy and use in my collage work. They haven’t been put in a proper place yet, still in the box-shame on me! I got them for only $10-told my hometown library people I’d take them off their hands for a lower price (I think they were first marked as $22-25).

Inside one of the books:
St Nicholas Illustrated 1894-fashionable young lady
About Pennsylvania:
St Nicholas Illustrated 1894-Pennsylvania

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  1. Hehehe…. nice to know that I wasn’t the only who spent time puzzling over this week’s Photo Hunt theme. (But you know what? I do like the challenging ones as I think it often yields greater variety in photo choices!) 🙂

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