‘Collage Artist’ book review #2


This is hands-down one of my favorite books. It’s called ‘Embellishments for Paper Crafts-Ideas, Tips & Techniques’ by Klassen and Conron Carola (published in 2006 with 128 pages).

I have so many bookmarks-about 10 tags sticking out of the top of my copy.

There are tons of ideas. A few of my bookmarks are for Altered books, Quilling, Crafting with photos, photo frames, altered altoid tins. These are really nice looking items. How pretty are the scrapbook pages made with real leaf prints? The Beach Memories frame has real sand and shells on it.  The projects are for all skill levels. You can start off making tags which are easy and so personal.

Paper crafting is such a fun hobby. It can be also be inexpensive. I save so many scraps for my collages that I rescued from the trash.

This book is available on Amazon (only a few left and they are dirt cheap!)


I’m pretty much packed for the trip. It was difficult to chose outfits because I didn’t dare pack sweaters as I have been so warm lately. Hopefully we won’t be outside that much. The weather is suppose to be a bit rainy Friday night. Our hotel is about 15 minutes from Times Square and there is a bus right there to take you in. If you recall we drove in the city when my friend Karin got married in 2007 which was a big mistake. The wintertime may be a little different. I would like to see The Metropolitan Museum of Art ($25 each to get in!); a crafty/millinery store called ‘Tinsel Trading Company’ (I called and they are only open until 5). A few bloggers went to NYC and loved it. I would like to see ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar’ a delightful to the eyes and taste buds shop.  Central Park is right there and you know what parks look like in the wintertime. I would like to see ‘Strawberry Fields’ where the John Lennon memorial is.  We have tickets for the 9-11 Memorial on Sunday.

Brian’s dad called the doctor and his accounts of his MRI was it was clean. I hope he isn’t covering anything up and I think Brian should call the office to be sure. He’s at the age where he may not tell us everything so he can stay in his house. He fell down 3 times in the course of a few days. Brian did say something to his dad about his time at the house being limited if he was going to start falling. He doesn’t keep his cell phone on him either. Crossing fingers he was truthful with Brian.

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