Welcome Roamy to SE Pennsylvania-mushroomland!


Lots of Mushrooms too!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Roamy arrived from Canada, nodded his cap and disappeared out in my yard for the longest time. I knew exactly where he was-with the gnomes and fairies. This ‘special’ group resides in the town (outskirts) next to Kennett Square, ‘The Mushroom Capital of the World’ where there is a Mushroom festival every September-the 26th year is this year! There are lots of ‘magical’ mushrooms in our garden! Roamy is posing here on one.
Look at this interesting group!
Meeting my Penna. Gnome pals
A cool party gnome
Roamy in particularly liked this guy as he looked so ‘cool’ with his shades and cocktail. Said he loves Jimmy Buffet-no kidding! : )
Roamy knows I love gardening and he said he wants to be a florist-so he stopped and smelled the Sweet Bay Magnolia:
Roamy sniffing the Sweet Bay Magnolia
Checked out some petunias:
Roamy under the orange petunias
And wondered if he could take some of these viney things with him so he could pretend to be Jack in the Beanstalk:
Beans like Jack in the Beanstalk
He visited a girl and bunnies in the herb patch:
Statuary and Roamy
After his tour of our yard, he was swooped up and taken on a weekend trip to Baltimore, Maryland.
Here we go!
He had lots of fun and saw interesting sites:
First we took him to the 27th floor of Baltimore’s World Trade Center. He was a bit scared until Mr. C. showed him the wonderful Baltimore sites!
Looking at the Inner Harbor with Brian
He look bigger than the cars way below:
Roamy on the 27th floor
Roamy likes the orange form the Orioles
And look at the snazzy Oriole jersey and hat!
We here are big Phillies fans (just to let you know).
He saw the sign for the Flag house, but we didn’t go in as it was closed.
Roamy on the Flag House sign
We went to the Baltimore Aquarium but Roamy hide in my camera bag as he didn’t want to be fish food!
Roamy with Aquarium behind him
Our last stop was Ft. McHenry where the battle of 1814 to ward off the British inspired Francis Scott Key to write the national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner’ when he saw the flag still flying overhead. See the cannons behind him, there were lots of them!
Roamy at Fort McHenry
So Roamy would have been happy to stay here in PA with all my special pals:
Golden lady telling me about fairies
Even the inside ones!
Roamy inside
Always remember to…

Dreams are so important

Roamy will be moving on to Sherry next….

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  1. I had to chuckle over the Jack in the Beanstalk line!

    Roamy looked right at home in that fairy garden! I can see why he wanted to stay longer. Fun post!

  2. I should have traveled with Roamy, then I would have been able to see all those wonderful sites too!!! hehe Oh, what a fun time he had with you and I see he made a lot of little friends while he was there:-) Loved seeing all the pictures! I know he’ll have a great time with Sherry as well, she’s a real sweetheart. xoxo

  3. Thank you for doing a wonderful job as Roamy Host!… I had difficulty posting to his blog for some reason, maybe it’s a wordpress/blogger thing? But I did post a link back to you so his followers can see your entire post. Thanks again!

  4. Love love love Baltimore! We used to live not far from it and soooo miss it. Thanks for this marvelous Roamy adventure. We used to live in Arizona too so will be visiting his next adventure too!.

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