Red as a rose and other things


Welcome Cardinal Sign

Red, red rose
Indian summer
Dreaming in Red Skinny card
Ruby red daylily
Today I had lunch with my high school pal Heather. We get together now and then which is nice. I so enjoy talking to ladies my own age instead of just men or my mom. Goes to show that many of my good friends are around my age. I have friends in their late 30s and I tell them I’m kinda like an auntie, but we share many of the same interests. : )
Sean went along for the ride, dropped me off and Heather and I went in PF Chang’s for lunch. Afterwards, Sean and I strolled along in some high priced stores (I check out the sales or sale rooms-but got nothing today). We then went over to Home Goods and I got some new towels, tea and a few little things. That fancy shamancy gardening place had a sale-actually what the sale price is should be their real prices-lol. I got some hot pink phlox in a big pot. When I got home I noticed it had powdery mildew on it. I know that is common with phlox, but should I wipe it off? I let Sean pick it out while I waited at the register, so I didn’t see it until I got home-not a good move. I think the gardening is continuing all summer here. I am really pleased with how my gardens are coming along. I would like to mulch the veggie garden as it looks really dry.
No big plans for the 4th-my oldest brother is turning 57! Wow! ; )

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  1. Oh how I love those red flowers, so gorgeous!! How wonderful that you were able to meet up with your friend and have lunch with her. It certainly does feel good to be able to talk to someone else for a change once in a while:-) Oh dear, what a shame about the phlox. I’m not sure what you can do about the mildew on it, Can you call the store where you bought it and ask them about it?

    My oldest brother will turn 60 in October and that’s what I say…WOW! lol xoxo

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