So be careful


I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the debates about using Pinterest and copyright issues.  They ‘basically’ own the photos you put up. They can do with them as they please, even sell them. I get a bit nervous using other’s photos and make sure the original link to the blog or source is connected to the image. I’m not as worried about recipes. If a person has a blog, they should consider that their images may be used. I’m not one to water mark every single photo. I have all my photos on Flickr which makes them copyrighted-did you know? I use about 95% of my own images on this blog. I noticed some pals use a lot of people’s photos to explain a topic, etc. Just be careful…someone may get unhappy. I’ve been asked if my images could be used and most times I say yes. The one exception was an android or iPhone travel app. I think a little compensation would have been nice and I said no.

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  1. I’ve heard about this and I’m now being more careful as well as to what I pin on Pinterest. I actually deleted a couple of boards because I didn’t want any trouble with copyright laws. Right now, everything else I have on my boards are recipes and pictures that the owners gave permission to use. Just goes to show, though, that most people don’t read the fine print!! xoxo

  2. Actually this is the first I have heard of it. Thanks for the heads up. I guess it probably does not apply to me as I don’t have an account. I just go there now and then to look. I have to say I am getting really sick of seeing women nearly naked and babies forced to sit in weird objects wearing knitted clothing. Just saying………………

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