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When something is recommended…go see it!


50 years gone by


Being a little girl of just 4, I don’t remember too much about this day. I know my mom and grandmom were quiet and the black and white Zenith was on all day long for several days showing coverage that  3 and 4 year old children aren’t very interested in.

Several years later, in 5th grade, I would write a paper about President Kennedy, travel to Washington, DC and then see the Kennedy grave.

Signs pointing to the graves of the Kennedys and Unknown soldiers

Grave of President Kennedy

There were some things about the assassination that I didn’t know and am sorry I had to see…like that lost film footage of the actual fatal shot.

I also didn’t know that they took seats out of Air Force One so the President wouldn’t have to go in the cargo area. Also didn’t know that Johnson wouldn’t have the plane take off without being swore in as President first. Mrs. Kennedy sat with the coffin the entire way back to the nation’s capital.

Eternal flame on Kennedy's grave

When Brian and I were first married, we traveled up to New England on a car trip that took us a week. We saw the Kennedy compound from a far in Hyannisport, MA.

Kennedy Family compound

We also went to Newport, RI and decided to see Jackie’s home ‘Hammersmith’ and took a tour. It was where she and the President had their wedding reception in 1953.

Hammersmith Estate fall 1984

Back of Hammersmith with me

These are from 1984, so not the best quality (and a scan)

Brian is the same age as Caroline and my brother is the same age as John, so you see we grew up with them. When John got killed in 1999, it was like losing a brother.

Life goes on, a new generation of this family may or may not take the limelight. Senator Ted Kennedy was the last of his generation. He was popular and outspoken until the end of his life.

Just recently Caroline became Ambassador to China. This is very interesting. She’s written several books of different genres.

I just heard the pink suit that the First Lady wore on that terrible day won’t be seen by the public until the year 2103 as requested by the family. I don’t blame them.

Daytripping to Bucks County, PA





When you come here you are led through security and then it’s a bit of a walk to the memorials (we were here in Feb. 2012, but I am thinking it’s still the same). It is quite overwhelming. You of course remember that day in 2001 and look up to the sky, then at the two ‘holes’ in the ground that are now the memorials. Then you look at the other people and wonder are they just tourists or relatives? There are too many names to read. I don’t even think we went over to the other one. After 20 minutes, it was enough…you feel like it’s suppose to be here as a memorial, but you don’t really want to be there anymore-it’s too damn sad.

After this, we went to the museum/gift shop a bit away which was equally heartbreaking.


Hundreds of trees will be planted at the World Trade Center, bringing new life to the rebuilt site. Among the species of trees will be Sweet Gums, with leaves that change to colors of brilliant red & gold in autumn. These ornaments are molded from the leaf of a Sweet Gum tree, specifically selected from within a 500-mile radius of the World Trade Center site. The trees will serve as graceful and hopeful symbols of life and longevity.

At a little restaurant near ground zero, we saw this:


The new building 1 World Trade Center is almost completed. A new awakening. Other buildings will follow.


Atlantic City in April


Yes, it’s been 28 years


Brian and I met almost 30 yrs ago. I can attest to time flying by, so make the best of the days as they whiz by.

At about 4 pm, I had remembered that Brian received about 6 gift cards from a birthday pack-they were all free. The coupon was for $25 off if you spent $60, so we actually needed another person to spend that much. This is a place in Wilmington, DE, right on the river front. It was a nice evening, but we ate inside. Sean had been away at the college working on homework and we waited on him to come home and join us. It was after 7 and we had to wait 30 minutes or so before we sat down. I ordered their ribs, and guess what, they were out of them. It was crowded. I ordered the salmon with avocado sauce special. The manager heard it was our anniversary and I didn’t get what I wanted, so she gave us all free desserts! So beverages, nice big salads, entrees and desserts were under $40 for 3 people. I like when that happens. The salmon could have been cooked a bit more for me-I like it flaky. I brought it home and ate it along with the rest of the yummy au gratin potatoes and green beans for lunch. Sean also ate the rest of his pizza for lunch. So we actually got 5 meals for that price.

We are enjoying the 80 degree weather. I started cleaning some spots, but Brian do more work today. He had mowed the lawn yesterday. I sat under the Japanese maple that is in full leaf!

I’m about to make some turkey burgers for the grill. I may mix up some sweet BBQ sauce like I made for my sausage balls (an appetizer) for Tori’s party on Friday. They were good, but not many people ate them. They loved the pizza dip! I’ll have to share that one with you. Great to bring to a party with some Frito scoops.

1912-2012 In Memoriam


It’s difficult to believe that 100 yrs have past and my late grandmom was only 8 years old when Titanic hit an iceberg and sunk coming from Liverpool, England to New York City on it’s maid voyage. I made the above collage several years ago and probably shared it back then. We got married on the anniversary of the ship hitting the iceberg, the 14th, but it sank a few hours later in the wee hours of the 15th. I was reading about a 22 year old actress Dorothy Gibson who recalls the chilling sounds of people calling out to be saved that haunted her the rest of her life.  We’ve seen a few Titanic exhibits over the years which were interesting and sad.


I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Monday really threw us for a loop because of my father-in-law’s nosebleed issue. I sure hope he’s not going to start getting blood pressure spikes as the lady in the dentist office (I had to go there on Wednesday to get a filling replaced-again) said that started happening to her mom because of hbp.

I’ve just been running around locally shopping here and there a bit while Bri was figuring out tax stuff which took several hours on the phone with his dad. I will be so glad when it’s all settled.

Tonight is a little party for my niece who turned 13 on the 11th. I bought her many different things from our travels here and there. I just made her a huge tissue paper flower.

Yesterday my middle brother was taken to the hospital by ambulance as he had chest pains at work. He was having them a bit a week ago and now he thinks it’s his gallbladder. They are watching him tonight. The hospital is 5 minutes from his new office building and where I’ve had some procedures. He was a terrible foul mood last week and yelled and cussed at me for nothing. His complaint was I don’t do enough for mom and there I was taking her to the eye doctor and grocery store. My other brother (I have 3) and me had our gallbladders out when we were in our 20s.

Dianne and Brian’s Wedding day-27 yrs ago!


Today is a beautiful sunny day. 27 yrs ago, it was a bit chilly and overcast. I think I look cold in this photo.
There is never smooth sailing in marriage, and I think we all have trying issues like health issues, to loosing a job to getting along with family members.
I’m glad Brian and I met 29 years ago at the wedding of my brother and his first cousin. He’s there for me through thick and thin and I think he has more patience for me than I do for him. I do think I take things in stride better as I’ve had to deal with more health issues over the last 13 years. Thanks Brian. I’m hoping for many more anniversaries. : )

Happy 6th Blog Anniversary to me!


Well it was actually a few days ago! August 23, 2004, I wrote my first blog entry. I did it mainly for myself, but I also wanted to make some friends along the way, which I have. I don’t have people leaving tons of comments, but the ones that I do get are special, and most are from people I’ve known many years now. I would love to hear if you grown the same flowers as me or maybe have been to Pennsylvania or have helpful hints, those kinds of things. Many times I feel like I am talking to myself. I was so sure people would love my McCartney post since it was a bit personal for me (seeing the lady who was my maid of honor in our wedding), but thank goodness for Zoey for leaving the one comment. Face*Book is definitely taking readers away from blogs.
So, to liven things up, I am going to start a challenge for myself here. Besides my ‘rambling’ stuff and photos, I thought I’d do one art collage a day on a 4″x4″ square like an artist did in the recent version of Somerset Studios magazine. I will share what I make. At the end of the year, I will pick 12 collages and make them into a piece of art and that will be the prize for next year. I may go to Longwood Gardens tomorrow, so the first share may be over the weekend. If you have any theme challenges- I would love for you to help me out!
Wish me luck!

Anniversary Dinner at PF Changs


We had a fairly nice dinner at this very popular restaurant. It was hard to believe it was so crowded on a drizzly, cold, breezy evening. We ordered off their ‘dinner for two’ menu. I think they over spiced my orange shrimp and I only ate a few pieces. I’ll have to see if I can make a new sauce for lunch today to cut back on the hotness of it. I told the waiter and he acted surprised I mentioned it. It was a 4-course meal, so we had egg drop soup, shrimp dumplings (my favorite part), the shrimp dishes-Brian had a Shrimp Cantonese and finally little ‘shot glass’ desserts-Bri had a lemon ‘pie’ and I had the chocolate cake. I had a blackberry tea too. We went to a few stores in the area-me Anthro*pologie, both of us Bor*ders and then both of us Pier*One Imports. Pier*One had such cute Easter things this year and now they are half off. They look vintage. I’ll take some photos of what I bought soon (had change left from dinner, so why not buy some goodies?)

Bri was having fun with his new Co*by MP3/Fm radio. I’ll download some music for him soon. He gave me some lovely silver jewelry since it’s our silver anniversary-a silver rope necklace, a dangling heart with a pearl necklace and some silver hoops. He also got me a crystal clear heart paperweight.

Despite the yucky weather, we had a nice evening. Pass me the Rolaids though. ; )
~Update~ I just called the above restaurant and said how spicy my shrimp was and the manager is sending me gift cards for our next meal! Goes to show if you aren’t happy with something, complain about it! The manager even told me this.