Anniversary Dinner at PF Changs


We had a fairly nice dinner at this very popular restaurant. It was hard to believe it was so crowded on a drizzly, cold, breezy evening. We ordered off their ‘dinner for two’ menu. I think they over spiced my orange shrimp and I only ate a few pieces. I’ll have to see if I can make a new sauce for lunch today to cut back on the hotness of it. I told the waiter and he acted surprised I mentioned it. It was a 4-course meal, so we had egg drop soup, shrimp dumplings (my favorite part), the shrimp dishes-Brian had a Shrimp Cantonese and finally little ‘shot glass’ desserts-Bri had a lemon ‘pie’ and I had the chocolate cake. I had a blackberry tea too. We went to a few stores in the area-me Anthro*pologie, both of us Bor*ders and then both of us Pier*One Imports. Pier*One had such cute Easter things this year and now they are half off. They look vintage. I’ll take some photos of what I bought soon (had change left from dinner, so why not buy some goodies?)

Bri was having fun with his new Co*by MP3/Fm radio. I’ll download some music for him soon. He gave me some lovely silver jewelry since it’s our silver anniversary-a silver rope necklace, a dangling heart with a pearl necklace and some silver hoops. He also got me a crystal clear heart paperweight.

Despite the yucky weather, we had a nice evening. Pass me the Rolaids though. ; )
~Update~ I just called the above restaurant and said how spicy my shrimp was and the manager is sending me gift cards for our next meal! Goes to show if you aren’t happy with something, complain about it! The manager even told me this.

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  1. Happy 25th Brian and Dianne! It looks like a good dinner. It made me hungry for Chinese food. I don’t like spicy dishes either.
    My 20th annv. is next month.

  2. I’m so glad you two were able to go out for a celebratory dinner and eat in style:-) I don’t like spicy food either so I would have complained as well if it had been overly spicy, especially if it’s not supposed to be! Good for you for getting a gift card to compensate for it:-) xoxo

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