Atlantic City in April


We headed over to Atlantic City late Thursday afternoon and Sean checked in. First we went up to the 4th floor and it was suppose to be the 41st floor! This room had one king bed. So down we went, Sean got out his confirmation paper that said ‘two queen beds’ and up we went to the 39th floor. The couple who had been in the elevator with us had an issue with their room too. We were hoping for a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean but got this:


Surrounded by fog! And it stayed that way too!

We rested up a bit and the restaurant I read was good was all booked up. We decided since it was so nasty out, we’d stay in the casino and eat in one of their restaurants.

We picked an Italian place and then were handed menus, picked something off them and saw another menu on the table called their ‘Sunset Menu’-3 courses for $35, couldn’t beat that! Brian got  a chicken parm and Sean and I got the salmon. The guys got huge salads, really want I make for the three of us for dinner, they each got one that size. I ordered meatballs and even after sharing, I was getting full. The salmon came with the skin side up-don’t do that to me! And both Sean and I pushed it around as we really didn’t like it. It came with those doughy spaetzle which was suppose to be spinach spaetzle. I left most of mine, but was able to eat the Chocolate Molten Cake. Wouldn’t you?


We walked around the casino and played the slots a bit. Not big gamblers-we played the penny, nickel and quarter slots. We had doubled our money ($20 to $40), but lost it over the course of the few days we were there. Sean did about the same. Friday we had stopped at the Borgata and won nothing there.

Friday we found out that none of the casinos in the area had breakfast buffets, so I remembered the place from last year at Gardner’s Basin called Gilchrist’s where Brian and I had wonderful sandwiches. So we checked out at the Revel and went over and were happy with the huge portions we had for breakfast. It was raining by then and I asked to look for a few geocaches in that area and had no luck.  My umbrella was turning inside out even.

Sean wanted to do a little shopping, so we stopped off at the AC outlet stores. There was a cache there that we did find.  Before that, we had stopped at the Civil Rights garden and found another cache. What a nice memorial!


We headed back to Stone Harbor and saw the exhibits at the Wetland Institute including one with a little octopus. She may have been about one foot long and one time a tentacle slipped out of it’s hiding spot like she was waving at us! The sign said they are as smart as cats and play with toys. They can take lids off of jars too! This little one had babies and the lady at the Institute said the moms aren’t suppose to live afterwards, yet she was several months past that.

We went and found the ice cream parlor cache and tried one at a beach. The sand was really piled up, so we think even the hand rail it was suppose to be on was covered up.

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 035

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 034

We decided we were getting hungry and found a Pizza Hut in North Wildwood. Many of them have closed around here, so we went to this one. It’s the biggest we’ve ever been in.  I asked the guys if we could look for ‘one more cache’ to make it an even #270 and they agreed. We went down a few miles and found the Hereford lighthouse. We’ve never been there before and it was gorgeous in all it’s Victorian beauty!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 058

There are lovely gardens in the back and the bay there is just breathtaking!

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 043

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 047

AC_Stone HarborNJ13 040

The cache must have been gone as we looked everywhere for it.

So we had an interesting time despite the weather. I always say it’s truly a vacation or a treat to find something new to see and explore-and we did!

The 14th was our 29th wedding anniversary. We went out to dinner to a British Pub down in Delaware. Brian enjoyed roast beef and Guinness and I had Delmonico steak, chips and later bread pudding for dessert. I also had a chocolate martini-very strong!


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  1. The food is making my mouth water considering I fried up some ground beef, with spinach mixed in it. Then some brown rice and green salad for dinner.
    Sure sound like you had a joyful day…coffee is on.

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