Yes, it’s been 28 years


Brian and I met almost 30 yrs ago. I can attest to time flying by, so make the best of the days as they whiz by.

At about 4 pm, I had remembered that Brian received about 6 gift cards from a birthday pack-they were all free. The coupon was for $25 off if you spent $60, so we actually needed another person to spend that much. This is a place in Wilmington, DE, right on the river front. It was a nice evening, but we ate inside. Sean had been away at the college working on homework and we waited on him to come home and join us. It was after 7 and we had to wait 30 minutes or so before we sat down. I ordered their ribs, and guess what, they were out of them. It was crowded. I ordered the salmon with avocado sauce special. The manager heard it was our anniversary and I didn’t get what I wanted, so she gave us all free desserts! So beverages, nice big salads, entrees and desserts were under $40 for 3 people. I like when that happens. The salmon could have been cooked a bit more for me-I like it flaky. I brought it home and ate it along with the rest of the yummy au gratin potatoes and green beans for lunch. Sean also ate the rest of his pizza for lunch. So we actually got 5 meals for that price.

We are enjoying the 80 degree weather. I started cleaning some spots, but Brian do more work today. He had mowed the lawn yesterday. I sat under the Japanese maple that is in full leaf!

I’m about to make some turkey burgers for the grill. I may mix up some sweet BBQ sauce like I made for my sausage balls (an appetizer) for Tori’s party on Friday. They were good, but not many people ate them. They loved the pizza dip! I’ll have to share that one with you. Great to bring to a party with some Frito scoops.

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