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25th Anniversary bouquet


25th Anniversary bouquet, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Happy Silver Anniversary to my husband Brian. I can’t believe a quarter of a century has past in our lives together.
I hope he enjoys the spontaneous gift I ordered-tickets to see singer Boz Scaggs at Longwood Gardens in June!
I love his music and voice, so it’s a gift for both of us. I wore out his lp ‘Silk Degrees’. I also have another musical gift he is sure to enjoy.

Tonight we are going to the Chinese restaurant-PF Changs. I got to chose and their menu sounded good. Haven’t had good Chinese for a while and we put aside a crisp big bill for the occasion. I’ll let you know how it is. I hope I remember to put the camera in my purse.
Sean went back to finish up his last 3+ weeks at Penn State. He’ll come home for a week and then we’ll all drive up together for the graduation. We may rent a nice new vehicle. We promised Sean a snazzy phone for his graduation.
Bri went to the doc for his insomnia and is test driving some med. So far he hasn’t gotten up! I hope it doesn’t leave him too tired, but if he’s getting shut eye for a change-it may be worth it. He’ll just have to take up the sit-up chair again to get in some exercise and increase his alertness. Wish him well.

Come April


Brian and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! Now I was thinking, that I should stitch something to commemorate this most auspicious occasion. I don’t want anything too detailed, maybe a nice verse with a nice border. I’ll have to look through my many books, but if anyone off the top of their head can think of a good piece, let me know.
I did find a few I liked on the web-not in love with-I’ll see if any grown on me. Please vote on your favorite:
We’re still having fun
by Samsarah Design


It is the Silver anniversary. : )
By Silver Lining
Kind of small, but the beads are nice.
Mile Stones Anniversary by Kulik Kreations
So I’m thinking about going to Longwood Gardens tomorrow night, solo, to see the ice skating show-we’ll see how brave I am. It’s an extra $5 charge and you have to get the ticket beforehand. Personally I think the show should be part of the admission price.
I’m doing some art cards and here’s one I did for a ‘skinny’ card challenge on one of my Flickr groups called ‘Shoes and Swirls’:
Lucky for me, I just took down a shoe calendar from 2008 with oodles of shoes to chose from. These shoes are ‘dancing shoes’ from the late 1800s.
I’m estimating my little boy from Mirabilia’s ‘Giggles in the Snow’ cross stitch piece should be finished in a few weeks. I plan to get him and my Sleeping Kitty professionally framed as I did with a few pieces in 2007. I’ll share him when he is completed.


People can be so peculiar -I went food shopping and kept seeing this woman from church who is really only an acquaintance around the aisles. I know her name (mushroom business), doubt she knows me. The few times I was near her, she kinda looked at me, but I smiled at her. The odd thing-she’d see other people and all of the sudden she was so sweet and chatty, even with an older guy by himself in like a custodian jacket. She got in my line and picked up a magazine so she wouldn’t have to look at me. Gawd people! No way was I going to start talking with her-didn’t really want to-stuck up woman. I always try to be nice and start upa  ‘how’s the weather’ conversation. ; )