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2008 in a nutshell by Dianne


Want to play along? Kelli over at ‘There is no place like home’  is hosting a meme. You take your first blog sentence for each month of 2008 and add a favorite photo from that month too. Be aware that most of my ‘first’ sentences have nothing to do with the photos. :O)

That’s my life for the last few days.(I had been sick and so had Brian)
Yellow roses

Let’s start off February with a fun event thanks to Lisa/Oceandreamer’s 2nd time around hosting it.(One World, One Heart blog giveaways)
Punch needle design
This is my mom’s birthday last year and my youngest brother is giving her the cupcakes that I made to blow out the candles.(for a Photo Hunt)
Purple and yellow orchids
It’s 70 degrees outside!!! I’m inside and wearing a sweater though.

Thanks to Scrappy Jessi for hosting this fun event.(showing our childhood toys)

Like I did last night!

I really did see a camel! (a place on our road had several exotic pets or boarders)

Strasberg, PA 7-30-08, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Today I’m sharing my baby book.

I can’t believe it’s September already!

….the cataracts are gone! Well, that may be so for my mom in a few hours.(My mom had both her eyes done, and one got an infection, so she had to have a third operation!)

Celebrating after 28 yrs!, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is from the Philadelphia Flower Show 2006.(We try to go every year since I am so snap happy)

I just realized that I was pretty much on the go for over a week, since my birthday on the 19th.

You expected something different?


I plan to save some of the campaign literature (but not the one I showed earlier) to commemorate this historic event. Being a collage artist who recycles, here’s what I came up with from one that was left on our door :

img_2823I had all that patriotic ribbon that I got from good ol’ Big Lots, so there you go!


Hoping to get a flu shot tomorrow. A local high school is hosting the county’s drive-so it’s free. You know what happens when people read ‘free’. I have a feeling it will be really crowded. Plus Bri needs to take his dad to the doctor again-maybe the last time. Bri’s aunt has been going over there for the last month, a few times a week and actually got him to let her get rid of some of Bri’s mom’s old clothes. His mom passed away 8/96! He did take newer clothes to a resale shop back then, but there were so many left to go through. I always figured he wanted to make sure the pockets were empty, if you get my drift. My mom had a hard time parting with my grandmom’s things, so I do understand it’s a letting go process.  I would have done the clothes if he wasn’t there. He tends to stand and watch while you work, etc. I can’t stand people doing that. Next Bri will have to get a dumpster and do the moldy/musty garage-ugh!

Grant Park and a new beginning!


Some snaps off the tv on a grand night in Chicago! This wasn’t an easy thing as I think they jumped back and forth between cameras a million times.

I thought I put this in the collage:


Jesse Jackson is very moved by what he is witnessing. He’s standing next to Oprah Winfrey in a bright green outfit. : )

History is made tonight!


At a minute or two past 11 pm, est….the news guy (I think Charlie Gibson) said there will be children in the White House again!



Congrats President elect Obama!!! We have high hopes for you!

If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists – to protect them and to promote their common welfare – all else is lost.

We are not enemies, but friends…though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. And to those Americans whose support I have yet to earn – I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too.- Nov.4, 2008
Barack Obama

Here’s a cool interactive election map.

The most interesting campaign literature


I meant to share this a few days ago:

Think it’s real or Memorex? Ugh!!!

This was addressed to me, the only woman in the house. It is McCain/Palin campaign literature. I will have to say that I felt it was an invasion of my voting privacy from the primary election and it cinched my vote today. Yes, I really admire Hillary. She’s up there with Shirley Chisholm, Geraldine Ferraro and Bella Abzug. I wrote a paper about Shirley in high school. If John Edwards had bowed out early because of his scandal, it may be a different election-IMHO.

One of the WordPress bloggers asked ‘who do you want to win’ and has 13,000 replies, many anti-Obama. Sorry the poorer Americans can’t get to a computer to have their say.

We went to Sean’s old elementary school to vote and thank goodness the ‘A-C’ line was short, I was about voter 745.  I noticed a guy I went to high school with in line, but couldn’t recall his name until he was finished. I vote straight party and the scanner always says I don’t have enough votes. The lady asked if I want to write in any names and I say no. Bri voted differently than Sean and me, said he was voting for his father too, since he isn’t well enough to vote this year. That’s one way to vote isn’t it? Go out and vote!

Obama takes Pennsylvania-a state McCain really needed.


Congrats to my friend Carole over at Pea’s Corner who is a first time grandmom as of yesterday! Her son and his wife welcomed little Lily into the world.

Grandmoms are gems


I wanted to post a little comment to say how sorry I was to read that Barack Obama’s grandmom Madelyn Dunham had passed away the day before the election. She had helped to raise him, like my maternal grandmom helped to raise the 4 of us. As I said before, she could have gone off to Florida to live with her sister, but she stayed and helped my divorced mom physically, emotionally and financially. I think I am a lot like her as I’ll try and figure out how to put things together before reading the instructions (which drives Bri batty) and I can cook many meals without recipes and have my favorites. Grandmoms are so unselfish and loving.


Yesterday, I almost fell down the few carpeted steps that lead down to my father-in-law’s rec room and I pulled a muscle in my left arm. My f-in-l was right behind me like a little kid and I grabbed the railing after my one shoe got stuck in my wide leg pants leg-freaky! I just had a little ice on it. Later, Bri suggested using his knee brace on my upper arm and it helped a lot. My good friend tripped over a cord at work and down she went and she fractured her tailbone and hit her head on the floor. I have to see how she made out going back to the job today.

Bam! Look what I made Emeril…


Last night I made Emeril’s Seafood Mac and Cheese from Everyday Food magazine:

I used shrimp. The hardest part was the roux and it was a bit expensive, but I got to separate it in three containers-one to freeze, one to give away and one for leftovers! It has three cheeses in it-not lowfat except for the milk. I didn’t have the Asian breadcrumbs(panko) or the Creole spices, so I made due with what I had.  I thought stewed tomatoes would go good with this. Pure comfort food!

And here are the one two smallish eggplants that I grew:

I’m a bit fed up with vegetable gardening. I think our garden soil is eroded. We need to add top soil and nutrients to it again. I spent some moola making the Martha Stewart tomato tepees, and the tomatoes were sad. We didn’t water the garden that much, and we could have mulched it more, so those were issues too.

I did feel better yesterday and went food shopping. Not that hungry though. Seems ‘my peeps’ lay off complaining when they hear I want to go to the doctor. Is this a good thing, for my stress level-yes! : ) I’m wondering if I am developing more and more food allergies or sensitivities to food too.

Jay Leno just did a great parody about the debate Wednesday night, pinpointing McCain’s frequent use of ‘my friends’-holding up a ‘Friends’ tv show DVD and asking who the people were on his MySpace page. Obama’s sound bytes mentioned shopping and Delaware-lol-because that is what we do to save paying taxes. : )

Thanks for your comments! I am always thrilled to get them!

It’s a matter of fact


That our next president will be left-handed and be the 8th president to be a lefty (yeah for lefties)

Watched the town hall debate-McCain scribbled out a lot of smudged left handed notes while Obama didn’t-he drank a lot of water. Wonder what McCain was trying to remember? Not crazy about people who say ‘my friends’. What happened to ‘my fellow Americans’-is that not in fashion now? And McCain kinda sounded like he was selling snake oil.

Noticed more people wanted to pose for photos with Obama than McCain at the end.

Brian wondered what was wrong with Obama’s hair. I think he is getting gray patches and it looks like bald spots.

Obama reminds me of Kerry when he speaks, maybe not in a good way-that deliberate way about his voice. It is better than McCain’s-he sounds like a nice grandpa.

It sounded like the same arguments from the 1st debate, but they got to walk around and stare at the people in the audience.

Oh…later…James Taylor was on the Tonight Show and I took a photo off the new tv.  Pretty clear!

Doggone it!


Yes, I’m quoting Governor Palin from the debate tonight. She seems like a genuine person who is a good speaker. I happen to be a big Biden fan, enough said.

Anyway-thanks for those who have answered my ‘top of the head’ questions (I promise there will be more). They are things I wonder about, especially the religion and politics one. That happens to drive me crazy personally with a spouse who always votes one way. I’d be an Independent if I could.

So, my little ma was in the outpatient pavilion at the hospital from 8:30 this morning until 3:45 this afternoon. Seems she had an air bubble in her eye and they had to wait for that to dissolve or something. I called at 11:15 and she hadn’t been in surgery. Called three more times and finally was able to pick her up at 3:45. She had a monster headache, but tea and a damp cloth helped and she even let out a little snore snort at one time. I went down to a favorite restaurant for takeout which she only nibbled on, so at least she has a nice meal in the frig for tomorrow. She only ate some bread and applesauce while I was there. I hope she doesn’t get floaters in that eye too.

So that was my day, full of stress and worry. Glad she’ll never have to have that kind of surgery again.

Yeah-Sean is coming home for the first time in a month tomorrow!