Almost a carbon copy


Saturday Night Live was a bit raunchy the other night, but a certain sketch had us rolling on the floor because of the theme of the sketch (how a family kissed each other a zillion times), but the dad in the sketch looked just like brother #2 who I don’t see that often:


This is comic actor Fred Armisen (I think he’s still a ‘friend’ of mine on MySpace)

And this is my brotherdon

I got the capture of Fred by using the ‘print screen’ button when we were viewing the sketch on the SNL archives. It’s like Fred used a photo of my brother to create his character! Bri and I almost fell of the sofa and chair when we saw this.

Speaking of the sketch, Bri’s family is the kissing family. Kiss, kiss, kiss! We aren’t as much, more huggers I think. I do kiss my mom on the cheek when I say good bye.

Not too much going on this weekend. Had a nice little shopping trip Sunday night at Walmart as I hadn’t been shopping for a while. I told Bri I would save him from going shopping for me. We are probably going to go to the Mendenhall Inn on Wednesday. They have a prime rib special that night. I’ve lived here for over 22 yrs and never have been there. My high school would have their proms there (and I didn’t go to the proms).

Just made the reservation online using Open Table. com (from the Inn’s website)

  • Address:
    323 Kennett Pike
    Rte 52 South
    Mendenhall, PA 19357
  • Cross Street: Hillendale
  • Phone: (610)
  • Dress Code: Business Casual
  • Message from the Restaurant: Thank you for reserving at Mendenhall Inn. We look forward to serving you.

I did take a new self-portrait (meaning ‘I’ took it. Bri tried, but he couldn’t get it the way I wanted:


These were photoshopped in Adobe for the heck of it.



Anyway, I think I’ll be finished a cross stitch project that has a 1988 date on the bottom of it soon. That will make 4 projects I have to finish into something!

Also need to get my free turkey and plan my Thanksgiving menu. I may try a few things from the latest issue of Martha Stewart’s Everyday food.


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  1. Hello dear Dianne:-)

    I think this was the last day that I’ve had to go out most of the day…for the past few days it’s been going out the door in the morning and not coming back until evening! Sheesh, it’s no wonder I’m exhausted! lol Today I had to bring mom to the hospital to see Ross for a couple of hours and then we went out for lunch before I had to bring her grocery shopping, as well as go to the mall where she needed a few things. This evening I’m putting on my pjs early and visiting blogs!!! I’ve missed you all so much, I really hate not being able to visit on a daily basis.

    Dianne, I’m afraid your birthday parcel will be late…I was thinking I still had a couple of weeks before your birthday and here it is in two days!! Aaacckkk! For some reason, I thought your birthday was in December. Anyway, I have it all ready to send so I will mail it tomorrow morning. Oh well, it will just make your birthday last that much longer! lol

    My goodness, that actor sure does bear a striking resemblance to your brother! Wow! Love that self portrait of you, you’ve got a beautiful profile:-) xoxo

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