Please vote for me!


I’m in a Christmas tree contest for about another week over at the Country Living magazine Pinterest board. If you like it, please simply click like. The prize is an Amazon Kindle. Please read what I wrote about the tree, etc. under the photo there.

This was the first day in over two weeks that I got in the car and went some place besides a doctor’s office. I did fairly well except for getting in and out of the vehicle. I went to a nice nursery place between my hometown and here and as my late grandmom said ‘the prices were dear’ like $64 for a paper decoration. I got some neat photos there.



Did a Longwood Gardens ‘drive by’. I’ll get there in late Dec./early Jan.


We looked around Pier One and I selected a few things for my displays. They have very cute things there if you are looking for little gifts for people. I will ‘sniff’ them out after Christmas too!

And I made these retrospect ‘covers’ for Facebook. I still need 5 to get to 200 geocaches.



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  1. I’ve already voted for your tree on Pinterest:-) I put mine on there too but I can’t be bothered to ask for votes! lol I guess I never take these contests seriously.

    Those paper decorations are gorgeous but I don’t think I would be willing to pay that much for one!

    Good luck in reaching your 200 caches before the end of the year:-) I had hoped to reach my 600th but with the cold weather and snow we now have, it’s a bit harder to geocache in this area!! Love the covers you made using photos from your geocaching hunts!! xoxo

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