Back on schedule


I went back to the preschool this morning. It was rough getting up that early, but I was pretty much ready to go by 8:15, so  I have a little time to myself.

The kids arrived mostly late, and a few of the little boys were misbehaving today. I brought some rewards stickers with me. I asked them to answer me ‘fine, thanks’, to the question, how are you? A few wouldn’t answer me. The one little stinker ‘A’ tore his sticker in half and threw it away! He did everything he could think of to misbehave (he had time out), but when I rewarded a few of the boys extra stickers, the little stinker ‘A’ thought he better tell his mom he was really good today! The other teacher said he was! I don’t believe in not telling the truth. I mean think of one good thing ‘A’ did, but tell his mom he wasn’t listening well at all. The other little boy ‘L’, wow, what a change in him! I gave his mom a thumbs up. I think ‘A’ was taking all that in. There is a little guy who reminds me of Brian at that age from the photos I’ve seen. Because I was doling out stickers, he may have kept giving me big smiles. Gotta love that.

I took down all the trees, but left a few decorations in my bay window for a few more weeks. I haven’t used my dolls that much, and I enjoy seeing them. If you go to the Brandywine River Museum at Christmas, you will get the pleasure of seeing Anne Wyeth McCoy’s vast antique collection.

Definitely because I am a little stronger, but still achy, I do want to do spring cleaning a bit earlier this year. The first thing I want to do is clear off my ‘eBay’ table. Actually the first thing I have to do is tidy up the Christmas storage boxes.

I have to share a funny geocaching experience. Brian and I had been down to my hometown to take my mom on a few shopping errands. When we were on our way home, I noticed a geocache in my hometown was up again! We were heading in the right direction, so turned down State Street. The GPS zoned in on a black bench and two chairs. Remember it’s night time and it’s a nano. It was mostly deserted…and then I saw Mr. Policeman heading down the middle of town. I quickly sat down and put the phone to my ear! Brian was going to give up, but I said, hold on, I want to look where people’s hand won’t normally hit, the back and on the bottom . Yay!

Unfortunately, earlier that evening, my mom got knocked off balance by a step up display’s corner at Old Navy. She was grabbing the coats she was looking at while I was grabbing her to save her from hitting the step too hard. For some reason she ended up laying flat on the display! The manager of the store was in a department close by and he didn’t even come over to see what was going on and if mom was okay!  She was alright, but very sore. She did shop for a few items for my brother’s birthday yesterday. I wrote customer service about the above. I got a phone call yesterday from HQ and they are sending mom a $50 gift card! It sure pays to speak up!

The orchid show is coming up at Longwood soon! Here’s a few from their orchid room.




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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better, Dianne! It can’t be much fun being sore all the time.

    That “A” sounds like a real stinker. Good luck with that one! 🙂

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