Mum’s the word, but not at Longwood Gardens


Last week I decided to take a solo journey to Longwood Gardens as I was dying to see their yearly mum display. I was going to try for 1/2 hour and stayed for 2 hours!  I walked over to the Conservatory and was wowed by the what I saw!

Longwood11-13 008There are over a thousand blooms on this beauty!

Longwood11-13 010See how they are tied to the special structure?

Longwood11-13 019

You can see the enormity of the dome from the other side of the conservatory!

Longwood11-13 021I thought these were ‘wedding’ perfect!

Longwood11-13 025These looked like they were snow covered.

Longwood11-13 034

Up on the pillars

Longwood11-13 042

The lime and purple are some of favorite color combos

Longwood11-13 047Spider mums are a favorite too.

Here was ‘the spot’ to grab a breathtaking shot:

Longwood11-13 049It’s the yellow brick road!

I really love yellow flowers as they are so sun shiny pretty.

Longwood11-13 053This is unusual too!

Longwood11-13 040

Longwood11-13 014

Longwood11-13 018

The different varieties of mums on display!

I felt invigorated (which doesn’t happen a lot lately), so I decided to walk down to see the gazebo near the lake.

I saw these pretty autumn branches

Longwood11-13 062

Longwood11-13 063

Longwood11-13 066

Longwood11-13 064

Longwood11-13 068

I was not disappointed by the beauty. I loved hearing the squirrels scratch in the leaves looking for nuts and the geese honking on the nearby lake.

Longwood11-13 081

Longwood11-13 087

I found this  sweet little nest near the gazebo

Longwood11-13 096

Longwood11-13 097

On the way back, I got to chat with one of the gardeners near the empty looking gardens which were not empty at all. The lady said there were 100,000 tulips bulbs in the ground! They were covered with a mesh at the squirrel and deer will try and get to them over the winter months. I have had tulips disappear around my house.

All in all, I think I captured autumn at Longwood Gardens and their wonderful mum festival. I had over 100 photos and these were my favorite.

Longwood11-13 089

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