Longwood’s Christmas lights 2013


Sean and I went to Longwood Gardens a few weeks ago so we could see the holiday decor before it came down. What was exceptionally pretty to me was the outdoor lighting! They really outdid themselves. It was fun to walk among the glowing, glistening tree and things. Not having a tripod made it a bit more difficult to capture the magic. I tried though!

LongwoodXmas13 001

LongwoodXmas13 002

LongwoodXmas13 008

In the conservatory there was a magnificent of red and green apples in a swirl pattern floating in some water. There were over 18 thousand of them.

LongwoodXmas13 025We went after dark and it was hard to get good shots. I like to use natural light as much as possible.

LongwoodXmas13 013

Pretty pears graced this tree. (flash)

We sat a bit and listened to the player organ

LongwoodXmas13 018

Chandelier is the music hall

LongwoodXmas13 017

LongwoodXmas13 019

LongwoodXmas13 031

Sean is always fun to go with to places like this. 🙂

LongwoodXmas13 036

In the music room

LongwoodXmas13 040

LongwoodXmas13 047

LongwoodXmas13 050

A tree with LED lights in the desert room

LongwoodXmas13 053

A wreath with orchids!

LongwoodXmas13 055

LongwoodXmas13 059

A living wreath

LongwoodXmas13 064

The local schools decorated trees too!

LongwoodXmas13 066

LongwoodXmas13 069

They are growing pineapples too!

LongwoodXmas13 074

LongwoodXmas13 081

LongwoodXmas13 082

LongwoodXmas13 086

Even the fountain had lights!

We had a pasta and roasted veggie dinner in their cafe.

In a few days, the orchid show opens up!

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