Longwood Christmas 2012


I was a bit apprehensive about going to display this year with my arthritis issues being so bothersome. I had missed the autumn display because of it. What I think is saving me more than anything, and go figure is the cream version of ‘Icy Hot’! I’m going to smell really good (got to figure out what perfume will mask it), but if I am getting this relief-hallelujah!

We headed over around 4:15 as you want to go and see the light displays the most. It was a frigid 29! That’s cold for these parts. I was bundled up, but I was still cold!


My mom had given me a new coat, had to return it and chose this one with the giraffe print. My pal Sherry made my hat (that I bought from her).

003 Up the first walk way to the conservatory. Boy was I freezing!


The sun was setting nicely. Not sure what those streaks in the sky are.


As we entered the conservatory. They’ve had other Moravian stars for years.

Then we saw this all white tree! I was going to do that, but we used the ‘tinsel’ tree which called out for red (to me).


The star of the show to me was the table! Wow, it was probably modeled after one Mr. Dupont had back in the 1920s,




I really loved the library/music room also!








This was a living wreath-it’s a common houseplant.


We went to the little cafe and had their mushroom soup (not as good as it usually is, kind of on the thin side).  We went to see the train display which was a bit of a walk. Sean took photos there.

Then we went to the DuPont house. Imagine having a green house in the middle of your house!


I was so happy to do all this walking after the month I had. : )

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