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Shaking, rattling and…finally rolling….


This will mark a first in our lives. Close to 2 pm, e.s.t. a 5.9 earthquake shook a wide area on the east coast up to Maine or even Canada. It originated in Louisa, Virginia.

Sean and I were standing near the dining room table and the china closet and chandelier started to rattle. Brian was home for lunch and sitting in the lounge chair and he felt it moving! It may have lasted up to 30 seconds. I thought a tree had fallen down out back! I called the neighbor and she felt it too. All we had to do was turn on the tv and we saw how widepread it was then!
We were on our way out to West Chester U. where Sean needed to get his I.D. before his classes start next week. We sat for a while, called the college and they said things were calmed down. We did decide to ‘roll’ there and Sean got his I.D. and we walked around the campus which brought back memories for me as I went there back in 1981-1982! : ) We then went by my late Uncle Don’s house which was sold a few weeks ago. There’s a dumpster in the driveway and many bushes have been trimmed. I helped clean up his yard (with either Brian or Sean) a few times. It made us feel bad, but life does go on.
We also got a little shopping in. I saw a PT Cruiser just like mine-same gold, but very customized with lots of chrome. I did take a photo. This is only the second gold one I’ve seen since I bought mine. They are certainly loved and enjoyed.

So things are good, I thank goodness the tremor wasn’t stronger. What an experience.

PC is having issues


Yesterday afternoon it got really dark around 12 and we had a downpour with lightning and thunder. I was in the family room and the power went off right after some electronic equipment made a terrible squealing sound. The power was off for a minute or two, but the laptops wouldn’t work for about 5 hours. Brian tried to get an internet connection with the PC and was getting a message about something being unplugged. He rebooted it, etc. and nothing. To make a long story short, looks like it needs some kind of network card that may have gotten fried. It should be around $10 if we are lucky and if that’s the problem. I do all my photo uploading on the ‘big’ computer as we call it, so I will resort to camera phone shots or photos on Flickr (I have over 11k there to chose from). Hope it is just the card. He can get on Windows.
We had two powerful storms go through! Wow-what a wild day weatherwise!

painted gourds


Just curious if you’d add these to your garden decor? I thought they were a bit cosmic and snake looking. Interesting colors!
I got outside and weeded around the pond and out front where I planted burgundy Pansies, pale pink Nicotiana and yellow and purple Johnny Jump Ups (you can see these plants in the wagon photo below). My Bleeding Hearts and a ground cover (what’s it’s name?) look very lush this year. 2 down and about 6 to go plus around the house. I have to kill some faux Snow on the Mountain plant that took over my entire side bed. I use the weed wacker, but you have to get the roots. More work for me!

Sad news about a former Chesco’s family member


When I got on Facebook this morning my news link said that the 9-year old girl what was killed when Congresswoman Gabby Griffins was shot was the granddaughter of former Phillies baseball manager Dallas Green. Her name was Christina Green and she was also born on Sept. 11, 2001 to make this a sadder event. Dallas lived a few towns over in West Grove but my friend John thinks he moved to Rising Sun, Md. about 1/2 hour away. Dallas is definitely a local hero and his baseball shirt even hung in the local Applebee’s at one time.
Saying prayers for the family.

A Cicada


A Cicada, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

These are very prehistoric looking, but also the ‘Mad Max of bugs with the ‘armor’ he is wearing. You mainly just see their left behind casings/skins which was near this one on a stalk of a flower (he was gone within a short time after I took his photo). He’s rather cool looking with his long translucent wings and beady green eyes. The story goes they hibernate under ground for up to 17 yrs. We are hearing lots of the shrill male Cicadas making noises now-and they are very loud!
From Wikipedia… (Someone told us the shrill noise made them blown themselves up! Sounds like a big brother passed on that info!)

After mating, the female cuts slits into the bark of a twig, and into these she deposits her eggs. She may do so repeatedly, until she has laid several hundred eggs. When the eggs hatch, the newborn nymphs drop to the ground, where they burrow. Most cicadas go through a life cycle that lasts from two to five years. Some species have much longer life cycles, such as the North American genus, Magicicada, which has a number of distinct “broods” that go through either a 17-year or, in the South of the USA, a 13-year life cycle. These long life cycles perhaps developed as a response to predators such as the cicada killer wasp and praying mantis. A predator with a shorter life cycle of at least 2 years could not reliably prey upon the cicadas.

Cicadas live underground as nymphs for most of their lives, at depths ranging from about 30 cm (1 ft) down to 2.5 m (about 8½ ft). The nymphs feed on root juice and have strong front legs for digging.

In the final nymphal instar, they construct an exit tunnel to the surface and emerge. They then molt (shed their skins), on a nearby plant for the last time and emerge as adults. The abandoned skins remain, still clinging to the bark of trees.

We had some much needed rain yesterday and my flowers are happy. I like the gardens now because they are doing what they are suppose to do now-thrive! I’m finding many things are being munched by insects though. And the butterflies this year have been abundant which makes me happy too!
I’m having some neck issues, mostly when I lift heavy things or when I start to stir in the morning. I think it’s arthritis from a long ago injury. Just have to live with it and use good ol’ Icy Hot!
Tomorrow night is the Sir Paul concert! Can’t wait!

Surreal earthquake


terremoto santiago, originally uploaded by todosnuestrosmuertos.

What a day of turmoil around the world, starting with the earthquake in Chile. Terremoto Santiago has some more 1st person views of his homeland on his Flickr photostream. We were watching for a tsunami to hit Hawaii, but they were spared by just having a small one-so far.

Update-I just learned that one of my Flickr art swap pals is in Chile and has been there for the death of her mother last week. So sad! Keep Constanza in your thoughts and prayers.

Pickle Power!


We’re having a warm and sticky week. I go sit outside for about 10 minutes and come back in to the a/c. Since the tomatoes went bust, we have been lucky to get the cherry and grape ones, but the cucumbers really took off. Yesterday I made refrigerator pickles with about 7 cups of sliced cukes, vinegar, sugar, salt,chopped onion and dillweed. Needless to say, the guys have been dipping into the container a few times. They are really easy to make!
One of big hibiscus flowers (I grew the plants from seed about 4 yrs ago) broke off, so I brought it in. The deer usually make a meal out of these, but I have some blooming this year.
Today I was tidying up my living room area as that is where I will sit the priest when he visits on Monday as we hardly use this area. My craft stuff is tucked in every nook and cranny since I have so much of it now. Yes, I will downsize and keep things I really like (one of these days).
My brother is working on the air in my van. I just can’t drive with the windows open. My class is having a get-together at the beach at the end of September and Brian said we could attend. It’s in Ocean City, but I’d like to find a room in Cape May and drive over to the get-together. When we were there last week, it was a tease for mom and me as we hardly saw anything as it started to rain and we had to leave.
Guess I’ll be headed to my hometown tomorrow to get my van. Hope the weather holds out. We lost power for two hours last night from mostly gusty winds. That makes 12 hours without power in the last month.