Funky thunderstorms and psychedelic sky


Yesterday we got bombarded with pop-up thunderstorms, the first around 7 something in the morning. I slept through it as I had about 3 nights of insomnia and I guess my body couldn’t take it anymore. Later, when I was out planting a few annuals, the rumbles and darkening skies sent me in with Cosmo the kitty. He had himself situated under the big evergreen near where I was planting the flowers and was quite content, I hated to bother him. The dish*net guys came about 3 (to make Sean’s tv high def) and the young fellow was up on the roof when the rain was just coming down which made me nervous. After dinner, the sky turned all shades of pink, orange and fuchsia. Everyone local on Face*book was talking about it. Here’s photos taken with the flash on:
I worked on a few ATCs, one was with a ‘special technique’ by using gesso and rubber stamps:
The background is a map. The ‘main design’ is suppose to be dark, like black. Looks like the sky influenced me doesn’t it, but I did these before it changed color.
I woke up today with a very red right eye. I am medicating it with drops that were prescribed for that exact eye a few months back. My head is kind of foggy, so I’m summing it up to allergies. Sean was suppose to get his eyes checked for new contacts, but we have new insurance which Wally World doesn’t accept, so we had to look elsewhere.
We may take a drive to K*Mart to look around. He’s been applying everywhere with no luck. I’m hoping my brother will send him in the right direction since he is a job recruiter (but medical, but he knows the ropes).

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