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Chanticleer Gardens-Part 1


Go see Phantom


This new movie (out today) was written and directed by Todd Robinson, a fellow classmate from Penncrest Class of 1977. Todd’s had a great, award winning career! Hopefully some of us from our class will go and see the movie together over the weekend.

Here’s an interview with Todd and two of the stars of the movie Ed Harris and David Duchovny.

Todd rode my bus to school. I remember he was also reading or writing on the way to school. Seems it paid off!

Also, another classmate, Wayne Scott Miller has a role in this movie. Wayne has done some stand in work too, a few years back it was for George Clooney!


Demi is a journeyman Soviet Navy captain finishing up a career that failed to live up to the legacy of his legendary father, and Alex is his up-and-coming XO headed for great success. However, as Demi leaves his home to lead Alex and the crew of a Soviet sub given a shadowy mission, the presence of KGB agent Bruni and ominous portents turn this mission into a terrifying ordeal that will lead Demi to stand up and avert a catastrophe.

Word clouds


I was browsing around Pinterest and ran across this site. So I started playing with the program and made these:

So those are words from this blog!

And for Christmas:

Can you figure out the song? First verse-though words are missing.

And stuff from my Tweets on Twitter.

Not any decorating today…food shopping and bill paying. We are good for a while. Not sure what tomorrow brings, but I work 5-9. I should get the guys to string the outdoor lights as it looks so blah out there. The forsythia tried to bloom a bit to brighten it up.

Have a great weekend!

Some fun new spots on the web


I have discovered a few new areas around the web that I am enjoying. The first is I shot it, a photography site. You can enter the money winning contest for $10 a photo or try your luck at the freebie contest where you can win a t-shirt. I haven’t tried the money one yet, but may soon. I’m going through my many Flickr photos to add the best of my almost 11k photos!
Here is a screen capture of some of my photos:

Then a few days ago my friend Jenn pointed to is a link to me, my boards are near the bottom). It’s neat, especially if you like to look for decorating ideas. You have a Pin it link on your tool bar and if you see a lamp you like, you click on it and past it on a board you have at Pinterest. Pretty neat.
I’m off to the thrift shop in a few hours to consign some things. You can do 15 a week. I have 15, but should go down the basement and grab a few more things as maybe they won’t take everything. I think what I’m bringing is nice though. Wish me luck!
Blooming:Shasta daisies, butterfly bush, hydrangea and lilies. All my seeds are coming up-flowers and veggies!

Just something I found while adding to my food diary. I’m really trying hard to loss that first 5-6 pounds too.

Will beat 126,000 times, pump 1,848 gallons of blood, and push that blood nearly 13,653 miles throughout my body!

Created by



I want to recommend the above link as I’ve gotten more into reading this last year. I’m trying to remember all the books I’ve enjoyed over the years and am up to 45 or so. I know I’ve read lots more. You can link to your friends and see what they are reading and bookmark some you want to read. Pretty neat. I’ve read almost every book by Amy Tan, John Irving and Nicholas Sparks. : )
We had really gorgeous weather this week-not too hot or cold. Today was really the first day it was a bit cloudy and it took the sun forever to peek out in the afternoon. I’ve been doing a little of this and that. I was inside more today with the clothes sorting business-that twice a year drudgery! I make myself fill up a trash bag to donate. I seem to get ‘pets’ clothes I keep for many, many years. I finally stuck an old gray sweater in the donate bag. I have 5 Hefty storage bags of just tops and a few sweaters. I pack lightly, whereas Sean jams his bags full. Bri never does his clothes without help and his armoire is a sight-jammed packed. I have lots of tops in mine, but they are mostly color coordinated and nicely folded. I have the pants and jammies to do. The whole house suffers when big mama is digging in the flower beds!
We have a luncheon for a baby christening to attend on Sunday which is about an hour away. I asked the mom if we could skip the christening itself. When Sean was baptized all those years ago, we had a luncheon and lots of people just went to that. I am still waiting on the address to the place as the invite got lost in the mail. I got little Eleanor (Nora) Rosemarie some cute outfits and I did take photos to share. I also have outside photos to share too. It’s suppose to rain off and on over the weekend.
Two-toned Wallflowers!
New Glazing Ball and Fuchsia Millions of Bells
New Glazing Ball and Millions of Bells

Snooping around the Brandywine Valley


Dianne and Miss Gratz the Cow, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Sean and I were going to Winterthur in Delaware to see the azaleas in full bloom yesterday (actually he was just going to take me, he is kind that way). We get to the gate and the gardens are closed for maintenance on Mondays! We were disappointed and headed down Route 1. I asked him to stop at the Brandywine River museum so I could take some photos as I had toted along the camera. We had a nice time looking at the statues, wildflowers and river! Here are a few shots. This is me with Miss Gratz the cow. There is also Helen the pig and a 9 foot statue out front called ‘Boy with Hawk’.
Sean and Helen
Back view of boy with hawk
Wildflowers love this area
Foam Flowers
Lush tree at the museum
The Brandywine on a lovely spring day
View of the Brandywine River museum

From Wikipedia:
The Brandywine River Museum is a museum of regional and American art located on U.S. Route 1 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania on the banks of the Brandywine River. The museum showcases the art of Andrew Wyeth a major American realist painter, and his family: his father, N.C. Wyeth illustrator of many children’s classics, and his son, Jamie Wyeth a contemporary American realist painter.
Housed in a converted nineteenth century gristmill, the museum’s permanent collection features American illustration, still life works, and landscape painting by Jasper Francis Cropsey, Harvey Dunn, Peter Hurd, Maxfield Parrish, Howard Pyle, William Trost Richards, and Jessie Willcox Smith. The glass-wall lobby overlooks Brandywine Creek and rolling countryside that inspired the Brandywine School earlier in the early 20th century.
The museum also owns and operates tours of the nearlby N. C. Wyeth House and Studio, as well as the Kuerner Farm, inspiration for nearly 1,000 works of art by Andrew Wyeth from the 1930s until his death in 2009. Outside the museum are beautifully maintained Wildflower and Native Plant Gardens.
The museum was founded in 1971 as part of the Brandywine Conservancy thru the efforts of “Frolic” Weymouth. He has been on the board since its founding.
(I see a few places here I haven’t been to!)

Roses and Spookiness


Happy Memorial Day. A day to reflect and remember the brave soldiers and those who gave up their lives for our freedom.

Yellow rose bush with 17 buds, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Yes, and they all have bloomed except one or two. My other roses, though not as big, are blooming nicely also.

Here’s a pink one:
Deep pink rosebud
The guys are both home today. Not planning to do too much.

We decided to take a vacation to Ocean City, MD this year as Brian’s dad hasn’t been well and it’s not a plane trip away like a Carribean trip would be. Plus, the prices are better and I told Sean we can stay right on the beach if we could find a reasonably priced place. We pinpointed a place through Ex*pedia, but he has to see when he can take 3-4 days off.
Yesterday I had the entire afternoon to myself. I read, I sat a spell, I cleaned lawn furniture and I planted the last of my herbs. The bugs are coming out, so I need to buy mulch. My flowers in the front garden are much happier and productive being mulched.
Saturday I planted some perennials in my round bush edged garden where I have mainly irises. My pretty irises did not like the 4 feet of snow and only 7 out of 15 varieties made a show this spring. I then went and planted flowers in the pond garden and Brian edged it for me. It looks so much better.
I’m reading a young adult fiction by a lady also named Dianne (K. Salerni)
Sean and I were in a bookstore a few weeks ago and he saw her name on the cover and pointed out that she spells her name like I do! I then remembered she was the daughter of prominent church members and that there was an article in the paper about her writing ‘We Hear the Dead’-so I bought it. It’s based on a true story about the Fox sisters from the middle 1800s who were said to start seances. There are yet other coincidences besides our first name. In the first 30 pages of the book, there are two names of people with the same first and last names as people I know or have known. The doctor’s name is my maiden name of Knowles and they have an older brother David! Spooky. I plan to have Dianne autograph her book for my niece and I will pass it on to her in a year or so. I found Dianne on Facebook and we friended each other there.