I want to recommend the above link as I’ve gotten more into reading this last year. I’m trying to remember all the books I’ve enjoyed over the years and am up to 45 or so. I know I’ve read lots more. You can link to your friends and see what they are reading and bookmark some you want to read. Pretty neat. I’ve read almost every book by Amy Tan, John Irving and Nicholas Sparks. : )
We had really gorgeous weather this week-not too hot or cold. Today was really the first day it was a bit cloudy and it took the sun forever to peek out in the afternoon. I’ve been doing a little of this and that. I was inside more today with the clothes sorting business-that twice a year drudgery! I make myself fill up a trash bag to donate. I seem to get ‘pets’ clothes I keep for many, many years. I finally stuck an old gray sweater in the donate bag. I have 5 Hefty storage bags of just tops and a few sweaters. I pack lightly, whereas Sean jams his bags full. Bri never does his clothes without help and his armoire is a sight-jammed packed. I have lots of tops in mine, but they are mostly color coordinated and nicely folded. I have the pants and jammies to do. The whole house suffers when big mama is digging in the flower beds!
We have a luncheon for a baby christening to attend on Sunday which is about an hour away. I asked the mom if we could skip the christening itself. When Sean was baptized all those years ago, we had a luncheon and lots of people just went to that. I am still waiting on the address to the place as the invite got lost in the mail. I got little Eleanor (Nora) Rosemarie some cute outfits and I did take photos to share. I also have outside photos to share too. It’s suppose to rain off and on over the weekend.
Two-toned Wallflowers!
New Glazing Ball and Fuchsia Millions of Bells
New Glazing Ball and Millions of Bells

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