Some fun new spots on the web


I have discovered a few new areas around the web that I am enjoying. The first is I shot it, a photography site. You can enter the money winning contest for $10 a photo or try your luck at the freebie contest where you can win a t-shirt. I haven’t tried the money one yet, but may soon. I’m going through my many Flickr photos to add the best of my almost 11k photos!
Here is a screen capture of some of my photos:

Then a few days ago my friend Jenn pointed to is a link to me, my boards are near the bottom). It’s neat, especially if you like to look for decorating ideas. You have a Pin it link on your tool bar and if you see a lamp you like, you click on it and past it on a board you have at Pinterest. Pretty neat.
I’m off to the thrift shop in a few hours to consign some things. You can do 15 a week. I have 15, but should go down the basement and grab a few more things as maybe they won’t take everything. I think what I’m bringing is nice though. Wish me luck!
Blooming:Shasta daisies, butterfly bush, hydrangea and lilies. All my seeds are coming up-flowers and veggies!

Just something I found while adding to my food diary. I’m really trying hard to loss that first 5-6 pounds too.

Will beat 126,000 times, pump 1,848 gallons of blood, and push that blood nearly 13,653 miles throughout my body!

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  1. Isn’t it fun to find new web sites that you enjoy?!! Whenever I have some free time to be on the computer lately, it’s either blogging or Facebook, that’s it. Both of those take up all my free time! lol You should have no problem winning with some of your photos in that contest, you always take such gorgeous pictures!!

    Cloudy and 72 here today, supposed to get rain by this evening. We’re in need of the rain so I won’t complain! lol xoxo

  2. I just spent over an hour at the pinterest site. I found recipes, flower bouquets, gardens……..there is something there for everyone. I can see now that I am not going to get anything else done tonight! LOL. Thanks for sharing that one. I am sure I will be checking it out often.

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