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Places I loved all my life


We’re waiting on the ‘monster’ storm Sandy to arrive. Today I picked up a few things outside that I thought would get tossed around in the wind and rain we are expecting within hours. We put tarp down in hopes that the water would run away from the foundation and not go in the basement. We have lots to drink, enough ice for a few days and flashlights and candles. It seems she will take her good ol’ time coming inland and staying a bit. Right now it’s rainy and a bit breezy.

So I am worried about our beaches and coastlines…we have seen on tv and FB the flooded out streets of Wildwood, NJ  and the waters covering Route 1 between the Delaware beach resorts of Dewey and Bethany. It’s going to be a mess and it’s probably going to be a while before things will be like they were when people are going on vacation in the summertime. I am glad I’m not on vacation now (if we were in NJ/DE/MD) as I’d be scared about where I am and what’s going on at home.

Brian’s a bit under the weather and I hope that Sean and him can tackle any labor this may make them go through. I won’t be able to do much leaning over as my hip has been bad this weekend. I did have one good night, not sure what I did, I took one glucasomine chondroitin that night.

Wish us well and again…we are on standby. We will be filling up pitchers of water and the tub tomorrow morning. We need the tub water for the toidy. Not fun.

I think this is Atlantic City, NJ about 1975

Sean and DianneCape May, NJ

Dianne sticking toes in ocean at night

Ocean City, MD

Rehoboth Beach
Rehoboth Beach, DE

Guys hitting the waves
Fenwick Island, DE

Happy Birthday Sean


Wow, Sean is 26 today! I can’t believe all those years have gone by. I scanned a few of my favorite photos and the years seem to melt away if just for a short while.

It’s nice to share special times with him. These are also of him and his Mom-mom Jeanne and Girlfriend Mary.

Love this shot from Virginia Beach this past summer.

I will him luck and happiness always.

Fun times with the Class of ’77


I think I can speak for many in our humble, but mighty class of ’77 that our reunion was great! I got so many smiles and hugs that my head is spinning. I brought my camera and took some candid shots, but when Brian came after dinner for a visit, I was able to get in a few of them too!

Before we left.

There were 4 of us there from Mrs. Davis’ Kindergarten that was held in the basement of Sandy Bank School (now Walden). This was 1964-65! Yeah for Carol, Bill, Rona and me!

That’s Bev-we were pals over at Springton Lake Jr. high and Carol (mentioned above)is in the middle.

BTW, I loved my dress and shoes! I was comfy all night until the darn chairs put holes in my stockings.

My pal John was saying that there were lots of the same names last night-John, Carol, Bill, Janet, you get the idea. That could make it a little confusing.

We had our famous alumni, a very nice guy Todd who is a film director, screenwriter, etc. out in CA. His new movie is coming out next year-Phantom (The haunted Captain of a Soviet submarine holds the fate of the world in his hands. Forced to leave his family behind, he is charged with leading a covert mission cloaked in mystery). Cool…a submarine movie!

Todd and his sister Traci rode our bus and his mom was the guidance counselor at school. Todd was showing us his cute little nephew. He’s a proud uncle and says having a little one sure gives the family some energy.

This is horrible of me.

Then we have the couples who met in high school and got married and are still together. Margie (dark hair) and Karl are going to be grandparents next year. Both Francy and Margie have open invitations to Longwood Gardens.

My old pal Lil isn’t into blogging or Facebook, but she and another former classmate Kathy (not in attendance) have become world travelers! I asked the first place they went-Alaska! They are going to New Zealand soon. Kathy lives in CA and Lil in PA.

We had a classmate John come from Sweden to the reunion. He was sporting a cool braid and sandals. He brought his girlfriend (from Denmark) who hasn’t seen the east coast.

(Julie’s photo-thanks!)

We had the host of our beach get togethers come up too. Jim also installed one of those big satellite dishes for us many years ago-long gone. I swear it’s a small world.

A few people hadn’t come to a reunion for 25 yrs.! So nice to see the star of our senior play Sara and her hubby.

Lots of dancing and loud music…but I didn’t dare dance until I get my back checked out. My back has been better!

I sat with Darcy in the silver top and her hubby John-good pals. John and I were in more classes back in junior high.

Pretty marble staircase. I was waiting for Brian to come along.

We have lots of nurses, doctors and teachers in our group. : )

Libby and I went all the way through school together. Patty in the middle is a vet in Florida.

So in a few months, we’ll have a couple of mini reunions-one a bonfire that I haven’t attended due to the fact it was on Black Friday. It’s now the next day Saturday!

Until next time-cheers!

Thanks to Scott D and his helpers for always showing us a great evening.

My 35th Reunion is tonight!


We all say…time flies correct? Feels like those 35 years were in a zip file-compacted over time. But as I said before, Facebook has brought me back in touch with so many of my former classmates. It’s now neat to hear about not only their children, but their grandchildren. My pal Harriet lives in Lancaster County and she did the blood test when Brian and I got married (1984). Harriet’s a new grandmother-little Addie was born a few days ago and let me tell you, the messages were so cute from her on FB. Her son even said at one point that his wife hadn’t seen the doctor yet. : )

We have a very dedicated ‘Reunion guy’ in Scott D. I have helped him a few times remembering who people were, etc. I heard at last count 80 people have signed up to go and at first there were only 20! I decided to go with a pal Heather as Brian kind of just sits there, though he knows a number of my classmates. I went to his 35th a few years ago and as the years go by, more and more people go stag. I think at Brian’s reunion only a few other wives who attended.

I will probably share photos later.

Brian and I did a little late in the day geocaching yesterday-trying to stay limber. We headed to Rockford Park and it was a little tricky to find at first, though I have been there with Sean for the Wilmington Flower Market. My GPS never works correctly between our house and DE. I write down the directions now. Bri drove right past the turn at first and then the GPS kicked in and lead us to the park. One of those few times I had to find a restroom and we had to ask. Thank goodness it there was one near the Tower of Tower Hill. This is the private school Dr. Oz attended.

We found the trail marker and again the GPS was stuck. I began walking down the trail while Brian was off the trail and the numbers started to go down.  We found one of those nice DGT boxes!

New sneaks and top. : )  This was what was left of some building. Will get my arm checked out on Monday too. Seems when I dust (shaking out the static brush) it aggravates it. It’s not too bad right now as is my back.

Then we headed down to Brandywine Park…there seems to be a few Brandywine Parks in this area, but this one had a little zoo! It was too late to find the cache in the zoo, so we headed to one near the railroad area bridge.

We had to drive over a white arched bridge that had cobblestones on each end. There was a rose garden, waterfalls, a walking trails, fountains and of course the zoo. We need to go back!

So the cache hint was said it was to be under the ‘state tree of Delaware’. I saw a few large trees and holly ‘bushes’. Well can you guess which is considered the tree-the holly! The cache was suppose to be under a rock-so I’m thinking it’s a fake rock-didn’t see it. I came home and saw where someone had taken a photo of it. I can’t see the photos a lot of the times on the phone.

So we only found 1 cache and we were gone 4 hours-go figure. We stopped for pizza and salad. which took time.

We did get to meet Sean’s girlfriend Mary. She’s pretty, chatty and nice. He wanted to take her to Newark, DE to meet another lady pal and Mary drove out to our house for the first time.

Potomac and DC area exploring-pt 1


The three of us went down to National Harbor, MD on Saturday the 1st for  Abbey Road on the River, the musical tribute to the Beatles. We went last year and stayed at the Gaylord and had a fun time. I changed the room this year to the atrium area so we wouldn’t have as far to walk. That helped,  as did bringing foods for a few meals, but that’s about it.  It was very humid and just standing in the sun for a few minutes was miserable.  We purchased ‘general admission’ tickets and not ‘preferred seating’. Even though it was suppose to be half price for two days, it was still $70 and we had a hard time just standing and finding a place to stand. Last year they had seats open and we usually got to sit down, almost at every venue. Many times  this year, there were empty seats for the P.A. and people standing elbow to elbow everywhere even up and down the walkways for G.A.. To me that isn’t too safe and not very organized. Saturday night we sat in a little area  for hotel guests near the pool with tables-we could barely see the singers, but we could hear them fine. That isn’t right.

We took a few shots of the bands-I have to ID them by looking at the schedule later, but I think we saw maybe 4-5 bands and last year twice that many.

See all the empty seats for the preferred seats? Behind this fence it was jammed.

That evening we did have a nice dinner at McCormick and Schmicks Seafood right on the waterfront. Sean and I had their McCormick Seafood trio of salmon with grilled shrimp and stuffed shrimp with green beans (under cooked-ugh) and cheesy kind of potatoes.

Brian had Mahi Mahi with  a corn bisque. We also got a huge, delectable piece of  carrot cake to share.

We took a little walk to find a cache. It was about 1/4 mile away and we had to cross over 4 roads, two which had a lot of traffic on them. It was near an interesting rock formation:

This is my early 1970s look.

The hint for the cache made it a little too easy to find. I ‘always’ look at the hint since I have gone to the trouble to go and look for the cache in the first place. It was down from this area behind a rock. Not in good shape. I forgot to bring my bag with my geocaching stuff, so I had no travel bug or swag to drop (really didn’t want to take it to the restaurant). The pen was between another rock which I didn’t see right away, so I used a crayon from the swag-lol.

So we walked on back up through the town to listen to more music and I started to have a coughing attack. It happened when we drove into the place a few hours earlier.  I think my sinuses decided to act up. I was okay after I got into the hotel’s air to revive. I am spoiled by a/c. So we ventured out to ‘good ol’ general admission and right smack in the middle were 4 hotel chairs-with papers on them. I had seen them earlier with papers on them. I watched those chairs for 10-15 minutes and then decided to go sit down. You don’t save hotel chairs in this area. I was the only brave person to do so and another 10-15 minutes went by and sure enough a woman came back and said they were their chairs because they put papers on them. I said you don’t save chairs in this area and I needed to sit for a few minutes. She had a chair next to Brian and her hubby was very nice and said to stay. I said we will leave in a few songs anyway which we did. (We did see her later at another concert and she decided to sit in the 1st or 2nd row-now that’s not a good idea in a closed room with big booming speakers).

Look at the nice view they were stealing from other people. If they wanted preferred seats, they should have paid for them.

On the pier

It felt like about 94-that fan with the mist was worth every penny I paid. I seemed to be the only person with one-crazy!

So after the above fiasco (this was at the night show) Sean took a water taxi over to Alexandria like he did last year. Brian and I walked along the river and still heard the band and saw them from the back. And then…

the lightning show began….

in all my years I have never seen lightning like that-truly spectacular and scary at the same time! We decided to go in as the rain began and they cancelled the show!  Inside everyone was going upstairs, so we did also. They did the firework show anyway which was pretty awesome.

‘Fire and Rain’

Not a fun way really to watch fireworks

We sat and waited for an indoor concert and listened to a few songs, but we had Sean on our mind as the rain was coming down in buckets and the power had gone out in the bar he was in. He asked the bartender how often that happens and he said about once a year! The roads in those old towns tend to flood out and Sean had to wait a bit to come back on the water taxi. We could have driven over to get him, but thank goodness that worked out well.

DC tomorrow!

New Year’s Eve will never be the same


I was saddened to read that legendary tv host and producer Dick Clark passed away today from a heart attack at age 82. He had suffered a stroke several years ago and had made a few appearance on the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve show. He looked good this past January, though of course he never regained that wonderful voice of his.

So this is what he looked like when he lived in suburban Philadelphia back in the 1950s:

He just happened to live in the same apartment complex that Ed McMahon did. Less than thirty years later, I was to move in the Drexelbrook Apts with Brian as our first home as newlyweds. I thought it was pretty neat that they lived there during their Philly connections.

Wiki’s Drexel Hill page: Television personality Dick Clark resided here from 1954 to 1956 at the Drexelbrook Apartment complex before moving to Wallingford, Pennsylvania (which is close to where I grew up)

We lived on the second floor (they all looked pretty much like this-we had a two bedroom one) which got harder for me as I got more pregnant with Sean. We moved from here to this house about 6 weeks before Sean came along. We had noisy neighbors below us. The nice thing was the sidewalks that wound all around that I used for exercise.

Historic marker in Philly:

The last time for Dick: