Oh, I could hide ‘neath the wings…


Back in the summer of 1967, when I was 7 and my brother was 6, we headed down to a cottage in Cape May, NJ to spend the week. It didn’t happen often that we got to stay anywhere that long, but my Uncle Don happen to know the owner and it was called “Brownies Cottage”. I remember driving down in the Rambler and sitting in the backseat with my brothers while the song ‘Windy’ played every 5 minutes. My brother Ken was a baby and I bet he was sitting on my mom’s lap! And we probably weren’t in seat belts. That’s how things changed. Glad we made it through! Anyway, my brother Dave was 13 and into the Beatles and reel to reel tape recorders. What Don and I were into were these:

For a nickel you could get  a package of Monkees Trading Cards! We looked everywhere for them to get all the ones we needed. We rather do that then sit on the beach!  We also hung up their photos on the wall of the cottage and then at home. So as little children we loved the Monkees and Davy Jones was a big favorite. I’m so sorry to hear he passed away today at only 66. At one time he lived in Pennsylvania, but the reports of his death said he was living in Hollywood, Florida. They just said on Access Hollywood he had a clean bill of health a month ago and had the heart of a 17 year old. Perhaps he had an infection or something. I am so happy he and The Monkees gave us and so many people a funny program to watch and neat songs to sing along with when we were kids. Davy loved horses and at one time he trained to be a jockey. I had downloaded ‘Daydream Believer’ just a few weeks ago on my iPad ‘magic piano and I’m pretty sure I bought the Monkees Greatest hits CD a few months ago (or almost bought it!)

Oh my goodness, just came from Facebook, and my friend Lisa, who lives further north in PA than me, has a cheek to cheek photo of herself and Davy! I asked her where it was taken…

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  1. I remember us 5 kids in the car with my parents and there was no such things as seat belts…mom would have the youngest, Guy, on her lap and me & my other 3 brothers shared the back. As you say, thank goodness we made it through those years! lol I was a Monkees fan as well in those days and faithfully watched their tv show, as well as buy their records. We’ve been losing so many beloved entertainers lately, it’s heartbreaking. xoxo

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