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Great find by mom


My mom likes to wonder around the local thrift shops. Sometimes she ‘hits’ on a great find for me-like this:
An entire packet of DMC embroidery floss! (it’s missing some colors, but I’m not complaining). She wasn’t sure if it was DMC or not-she was going by the name of the holder thingie. I looked at it and thought how was I going to match this all up with DMC? Tonight I took a closer look and the previous owner had them all separated and I know the numbers well enough to know they ALL were indeed DMC. I even took out 738-saved me a trip to the store.
Thanks mom!
It was so nice today that I planted 5-7′ rows of fall crops. I’ve never done that before, so hoping I didn’t wait too long. I planted beets, arugula, spinach, radishes and lettuce. I’m waiting on the garlic bulbs to be shipped soon-they will go in a raised bed.
RIP Patrick Swayze. What a journey he was on these last few years. I feel especially bad as my step cousin was just diagnosed with the same kind of cancer. I adored Patrick in ‘Ghost’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’. I even like his one hit song-from ‘Dirty Dancing’-‘She’s Like The Wind’. His skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Chris Farley was a classic-when they both were trying out to be Chippendale dancers. He will be missed.
Off to get my hair done tomorrow. I’m pushing for a lighter shade as my roots are horrible against the brown now. On Sunday we were down in my hometown to a town event (where I am going again tomorrow-vendors and food on State Street and yard sales around the town. I got some cute things I’ll share at the end of the week.
And Zoey-the mushroom cookie was delicious-it was a thick butter cookie that I had to split 3 ways! s like

Stitch by Stitch sign in Cape May


For all my fellow stitchers-indeed!
Lee over at Lake Stitcher mentioned this store and of course it was one of the first places I snooped out when we were in Cape May last week! I didn’t photograph the store, it was tiny, jammed packed and the walls were covered with finished pieces. I had my mom with me. You know I worry about what she can possibly do with the condition of her eyesight. She picked up a chart with about 20 color changes per line that I wouldn’t even tackle! I found a blackwork of some of the Victorians in tiny form and she said she wanted it too. I told her to save her money and I would lend it to her. I also bought a kitty kit over one of the newer The Prairie*Schoolers. How can they sell the leaflets for over $9 now??-I got the kit with the fabric, design and floss for the same price. I’ll share what it is when I find it. ; )
The building you see in the background are retirement apts. Can you imagine living a few blocks from the beach and across the street from a cross stitch store? The only thing it is missing is a place to garden, but I didn’t see the entire place.
I haven’t done that much cross stitch lately. I’ve been pretty steady with it for over 10 years and I have found other hobbies with the satisfaction of completing things in a shorter amount of time and being able to swap them with others. I still love cross stitch, but I want to finish one thing before starting another. I really need to go through my 2 crates, big plastic box and library of books and downsize. That may be my project for the cooler months.
It’s a sizzler here-haven’t been out today yet!
Tomorrow, hopefully my brother will look at the a/c in my van and also check out the transmission which seems to slip once in a while. I’m also getting my hair done by his wifey, so I hope he can help me out. I have to get her birthday things together. She’s only turning 39!
Stay cool!

Who turned off the heat?


I went out to get the mail today and couldn’t wait to high tail it back inside between the cold and dampness-ugh! It may be good that it’s so miserable because I have to change my armoire out from winter to summer clothes. Every year I say I will get rid of more clothes and I never do. I have these comfy cotton long sleeved (and 3/4 length) t-shirts in almost every color and they don’t get ‘that’ worn out and if they are slightly worn, I wear them to clean in. I’m about half way through-not a fun task.
We had a good dinner last night-burgers and hot dogs, homemade potato salad and I made root beer floats for the guys (I just wanted clear soda).
Today my mom had a shot in her left eye this time and she didn’t mind it as much. She could read the bottom line on the chart with her right, but not her left. She just got new glasses which aren’t really any good and she needs to get the lens replaced! Hopefully the eye doctor will write her a note and she can possibly get some kind of refund.
I hope to do a little art work to share one of these days. I pulled out my Neighborhood Round Robin cross stitched piece to add one more house so it will be an even eight. I hope to get it framed by the end of the year-I have to save up for it!
I hope the rest of the week warms up considerably!

Violets, stitching and cards


Since it’s so wet and wild outside, I decided to clean my bay window that holds my African Violets. I had an entire plastic bag of dead leaves and flowers. I really need to repot and give some away. Anyone want a few? My mom got me the same violet variety three times that she went to the Philly Flower show as I wanted something different. It’s has white and green leaves and the white flowers have a touch of green in them-shown in both corners of the photo.
Here’s my cleaned up window:
Cleaning this was a job and a half and I shouldn’t have done it as I have a ouchie and didn’t go to mom’s to help her. I probably will venture to mom’s on Thursday.
And here’s my herb garden bouquet cross stitched piece that is the only piece I’ve been working on lately. I think I like completing one and moving on to another. Not much left to do:
I’m hoping, really hoping to make this a crafty summer so I can put up things to sell online. I need to narrow down my choices and buy what I need to make the things. I just need to get the gardening out of the way.
One for the road…I do weekly Art Trading Card/Skinny challenges on Flickr. Our challenge this week was to do a card based on the song ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’-yikes! This is what I came up with and I think he’s cute as a cowpoke!


A little better


I didn’t get my act together until after dinner. Brian and I both slept better, but he’s still having GI issues. He brought home cheesesteaks and only ate half of his-I ate all of mine. I took kitty for a walk as I see I’m not the only one who gained a few more pounds this winter. ; ) I then got the rake and cleaned out a few more spots and completely wiped myself out. Bri did come out and clean up the debris, hoping that moving around would help. I can’t believe how much tall grass got in my irises and roses. They are going to be a bugger to weed.
I was happily stitching on a new cross stitch piece-Herb Bouquet, and lo and behold-that blasted linen-I was a stitch or so off. I was thinking about stitching around it, but it messed up a stem on a plant. Rats.
Herb Garden Bouquet  cross stitch begins
So that’s about all the excitement besides Sean having to write 5 papers by May and not getting a good grade on one he worked so hard on. A Facebook friend and former high school pal John, said he would take a look at Sean’s papers to help him. He use to help under grads at Harvard with their papers. What a nice guy. I told Sean and I think he appreciated that.

Spring is really here!


Here’s the finished gift I made for my niece who will turn 10 the day before Easter. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to make an egg shaped ornament, especially since I had to make it bigger as my piece was larger than the template. I added some chiffon peachy ribbon to the light green corded thread.
Right outside my front door were these sweet little crocus flowers:
Right outside the front door-crocuses!
And the forsythia bushes are a bit damp, but ready to open. We planted these from ‘slips’ of our moms’ bushes. Either yard has any left now.
The soon-to-be-in full bloom forsythia bushes

Happy Birthday Brian-Down Memory Lane


It’s hard to believe that three of these photos were taken almost 25 years ago on our honeymoon in Cancun, Mexico. The other was taken 8.5 yrs ago in New Hope, Pa.
We celebrated his birthday in 1983 as an engaged couple. I remember using most of my pay that week to buy him a Walkman. Seems like such an old concept now with the MP3 players and Ipods around now. I wanted to get him a MP3 player this year, but wasn’t sure if he’d use it.
I thought he’d enjoy seeing these photos again. Didn’t he look hunky in those earlier photos? He’s still my hunk. ; )
I baked some yellow cupcakes with dark fudge icing for him and placed them on the  ‘special’ plate:
FYI-I didn’t have vegetable oil and read where you can substitute apple sauce for the same amount of oil needed. I did this and they are light and tasty. This will be good for my brother to know as the veggie oil bothers him when mixed in waffles.
My mom sent Bri a bouquet:
I also finished this to be made into an egg shape for my niece T as her birthday is the day before Easter:
The Prairie Schooler

All the Kosher food is on sale at the store, so I bought some toasted coconut marshmallows and potato pancake mix which I made last night:
They were good with meatloaf. I will say I should have used a bigger pan and I had to get the hang out of making sure they were solid and brown before turning. Be sure to check out your Kosher stuff-there’s some good eats there that you may not try that much!
Sean is enjoying seeing the sights of Vegas-he saw some of the fancy hotels like The Mirage and Treasure Island last night and said they were huge! He is all dressed up in these clothes for the job fair:
FYI, the suit coat is from the Goodwill and only cost $6.50. We bought the shirt and tie in Macy’s to match the jacket. If we had purchased a new suit coat, it would have been approx.-$150-$200. This assemble cost $83.50. So we saved a lot! He may not even have to wear a suit if he works in the field, so this was a wise thing to do in these hard times. He wore a used jacket in his high school portrait too-who knew?

Show and Tell


Collection of glass eggs, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

This is my collection of glass eggs, mostly bought by my husband who thought I collected them! I may have bought one. I think he is the one who likes them more than me, but these are perfect for Easter. I just found the ‘Snowbaby’ waterglobe at the Goodwill yesterday.
Here are my framed cross stitched pieces:
Framed 'Giggles in the Snow' cross stitch piece
Giggles in the Snow
Nora Corbett
Framed 'Sleeping Kitty Cross stitch piece
Sleeping Kitty
by Ellen Stroh Mayer