Spring is really here!


Here’s the finished gift I made for my niece who will turn 10 the day before Easter. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to make an egg shaped ornament, especially since I had to make it bigger as my piece was larger than the template. I added some chiffon peachy ribbon to the light green corded thread.
Right outside my front door were these sweet little crocus flowers:
Right outside the front door-crocuses!
And the forsythia bushes are a bit damp, but ready to open. We planted these from ‘slips’ of our moms’ bushes. Either yard has any left now.
The soon-to-be-in full bloom forsythia bushes

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  1. Your omament turned out great. I bet your niece will love it.

    I can’t believe you have forsythia ready to bloom already! You are in a much warmer climate than I am.

  2. We have crocusses and daffies too! And, now our ornamental cherry trees are blooming – I love spring 🙂 And, I love your beautiful cross stitch.

  3. I love the egg for your niece! Very pretty!

    Your crocusses are so beautiful!! You always have to most amazing photo’s of flowers! I want to be like you when I grow up!!

    Happy Spring!

  4. Your niece and my Max are nearly birthday buddies, it appears, and only a year apart in age. I’d never noticed.

    Love what you made her, and I’m sure she will, too!

  5. I am going to be trying an egg-shaped ornament this week myself. I think yours turned out really great. Your niece will love it, I’m sure.

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