Lancaster landscape


Gap, PA clock tower, originally uploaded by DianthusMoon.

Sean and I went up to Lancaster later in the afternoon. I got this photo of the Gap, PA clock tower from the car and edited it right before we went around the corner to head toward Strasberg first. The top part was lit up at night. My phone was acting a bit wonky-seems you have to have 4G and the 3G just barely picks up anything. I tried to take other photos (got a few) but then I got a gazillion error messages. Must be all the open space.
We stopped by sweet ‘Hidden Acres’ farm and the little Amish lady who waited on me before was selling off stuff for buy one get one free. She also had a table of freebies. I got about 15 things, plus a wicker plant stand for about $23! She gave me some green tomatoes and I may try and ripen them up. Her daughter was doing busy work pulling weeds out of pots of hostas. The highlight of going there was seeing a foal less than a week old-so sweet. I took a few photos, but only one is good. They were in their shelter and when we stopped to look, the mama came out and paraded the baby for a bit and went back to the shelter. Ahhhh.
Good view of the foal
We did some shopping. The Gap and Banana Republic had almost everything in their stores on sale for 40% off-even the already marked down things. Also got some goodies at Bath and Body Works and the Christmas Tree Shops (they have a huge one up there). Sean cashed in quarters from Pop-pop-so we had over $80 to play with. : ) Why not? We ate at Red Robin, but I was still hungry as I thought my chicken and salad would be bigger, so we stopped at a Creamery in Strasberg and got ice cream-Sean got coconut and me lemon chiffon. I was below calorie count, but that was about all. Ugh. I walked down the street and tooks some photos of this old town. There was a tour going on with a young man in a cape with a lantern, We should do that sometime like Carole and Steve do!
Pretty entry way
Strasburg Inn
Home from 1815
It was a nice time spent with Sean. : ) He went out to meet friends right after we got home!

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  1. Such a lovely day you spent with Sean and YES you should definitely go on one of those walking tours in the old town:-) They are just so much fun and you learn so much that you wouldn’t otherwise.

    That clock tower is quite impressive! Sounds like you got some really good deals while shopping, that’s always a great thing! lol That foal is so darling, makes you wish they stayed that size:-) xoxo

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